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 soften more… be nicer to yourself. Each and every thought, move and word you share with yourself or others fires of energy … confirms a neurological network that turns your body in a conditioned machine.

We all know the effect of Serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin… the improve your better mood. A better mood gives you the opportunity to control your emotional state, without having all kind of opinions.

At least 3 times every hour we need  to stretch, shout to the world how grateful we are that we are who we are.

Hup up and down, visualise the nicer thoughts. prepare yourself for an action that aligns with a dream. The dreaming, a bit of a Freudian thing…Freud was funny and took it over the hill… but made it meaningful… more in a therapeutic sense. As I am focused on the future… the therapy thing is not really my thing. If your limited, remove the limitations and move on.

But let us talk about the concept dream… Disney says: if you can dream it you can do it…. so that is repetition. after repetition. Usain Bolt visualises every step … the length the pace…the breathing…He cut down his internal monologue (making non sense adrenaline) by playing with the public or the assistances. He trained, trained and trained again. Had schedules without ending.

in topsports there are many examples. A dream starts small might end in a movie or script. A dream is a source of motivation and vision for the future. They allow to explore possibilities, set goals…envision the success…contributing to a positive mind set…all in all stimulating your desire. To get where you want is to put fire under your desire.

Let us presume you want to connect to people, even want friendship or a love relation. You first get in rapport with yourself. You always have to go first and have to be convinced. Next step is rapport with the other. Repetitive negative self talk about others shows you have a problem. Happy people see things happy, value the beauty and are grateful for the wonders surrounding them. All idiots who start a war, are aggressive -in word or physical- all have the same deficit they repeat negative self talk without a light of positivity or problem solving. 

It stays a mystery that 2 people love each other and after certain time, – mostly door negative peer group- cannot even be friends. I heard today the shocking news about domestic violence in Germany. Not only concerning the partners but even children who have been beaten up so badly they die. 

I lost Charlie my dog, just a few months ago. Read any book from Rupert Sheldrake, from Frans de Waal. My dog wanted to be my best friend and I wanted to be his best friend. We loved each other and knew what we were thinking. Such a relationship is based on loyalty, consistency, awareness and attention. Love is the key word. Never ever he would ‘think’ negative about me. His attitude towards other animals was clear: no match… lift leg pie and walk on. He was a real soft character. Animals have no urge to compare… to demand…they are focused on peacefulness.

To soften more is creating a focus, have discipline. Freedom is a big discipline. Your biggest enemy that keeps you from being happy lives in your own head. Serve others and they will serve you.  Assess every day. Do not make a moment into a lifetime event. Life is a gift, cherish it with a smile.

We might not have a solution or recipe for everything. Realise that opinions of others are their point of view. not their point for you. 

As much as we wish it being different… lots of people are obsessed what results in negativity.  Perfect moments are torn up like loving pictures. 

Be good for yourself. Soften more. Seek down time. Open your peripheral vision, defocus. Let nationalism, politics, religions, job identity… and every other separating idiom be what it is. Let Gratitude be your guide . Soften more