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About Cor van Leeuwen

Cor inspires you to be fulfilled. To be everything you can be and get the impact you deserve.

Cor van Leeuwen is a Dutch-born author, international business consultant, and coach. He was born in Leiden, the Netherlands, and is currently living in Fritzlar, Germany.

Van Leeuwen is known for developing the SOIL method, which stands for Science of intuitive living Regarding his academic background, Cor has studied history, theology, psychology, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and hypnosis. These fields of study have likely influenced his work as an author, coach, and consultant, allowing him to offer a multidisciplinary approach to his clients. It’s also noteworthy that Cor has studied with some notable figures in the field of personal development and well-being, including Richard Bandler, one of the co-founders of NLP, and Deepak Chopra, a well-known author and speaker on mind-body healing and spirituality. This suggests that Cor has been exposed to different approaches and philosophies that have informed his own work and methods.

A few basic thoughts…Find and share your frequency. Login on the energy that you need. Mastering Emotional state control. Making the right choices with the focus that serves you. Feeling the energy, login on to the frequency…let the vibrate share the meaning Being able to concentrate and tune in whenever you want it. When even you need it. Fully use the hours you are alive. Experience the meaning of your life. Utilizing the value of rituals. Planning for projects that matter in harmony. Understanding what moves you, how to focus your awareness, stimulate your sensory acuity. Give meaning through energy… that is give your energy the meaning

Cor van Leeuwen integrates in his work and life:

    • the empowerment of the US;
    • the intuition of the East;
    • the knowledge of the West;
    • the history of the Middle East;
    • the magic of the South
    • the strength of the universe



Cor published his first book when he was only 21 years old. Furthermore he published lots of other works under his name. He is a authentic, enthusiastic, self-willed and upright personality. Cor left his marks almost in every market sector and in the education system as an innovator, trainer/coach and consultant. In addition to his educational background in theology and social history he gained lots of international experience in business and personal development. He travelled around the world and followed lots of seminars of: Richard Bandler, John La Valle, Tad James, Byron Katie, Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Dilts, Stephen Gillian, Roger Callahan, Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Paul McKenna and Paul Zane Pilzer. He erected successful companies, whose main issues are quality and interpretation. Cor was hired by more than hundred companies to lead them to success. He developed the SOIL-method © and provides in addition to certified NLP-SOIL trainings (master and practitioner) also his own “art and science of …” masterclasses. For people and companies: using your potential, creating concepts, positioning and an optimal presentation to get the best results. This concerns you as an individual and also companies. Cor is the perfect inspiration and tom-tom to take you from A to B. Someone who knows elegance and dignity. He is authentic and enthusiastic; self-willed and upright.

Cor is an international top trainer, chairman, speaker and coach. His well-developed intuition and the ideal usage of his skills make him unique. In the last few years Cor inspired at University-smart en streetwise more than 55.000 people and gave them energy to develop, to use and to enjoy their own potential. target audience: 400 (inter)national companies, managers, docents, doctors, psychologists, coaches, trainers, programmer, theatre makers, athletes, CEOs, students and lots of others.

What Cor does

Stimulating people and companies to inspirit more quality and success. He bridges the gap between interpretation, enthusiasm and an actual sensible life. He is a creative concept developer who ensures that the products get the attention they deserve.

Cor van Leeuwen integrates in his work and life: The focus is performance enhancement. For people and companies. Simple getting the best out of life. Utilizing your potential in the best possible way

Coach / Trainer

Cor has worked with more than 50,000 people with problems varying from depression, panic, fear, stress, time management to achievement. It is about guiding people to Access their potential so they can share it.

From literature to music, from art to science, from going to a bar to theatre, in the middle of life or religion on the outside, the search for beauty, contact and design of life and togetherness play an important part for Cor. Due to his great experience he could combine a lot; from grumpy philosophers to playful poets, from psychological theories to birdsong, to form a method and a strategy which ensure that you will do more with your life, get stronger and become a successful designer of your own life. Cor himself: ‘My personal mission is: being important for people, products and companies. Being the tom-tom that touches people to set them in motion while focussing on great successes and results. Only personal and commercial results which you can “touch” will be fulfilling.’


Cor is an author and has published several books. He keeps writing to this day. His first book was published when he was 21 years old. International consultant Cor has worked successfully for hundreds of nationalities and cultures in international corporations. Speaker / moderator Cor is an engaging, inspiring and entertaining speaker. His knowledge and quick thinking are overwhelming. He translates everything to simple facts of life that you can use immediately.

Cor has published numerous books and white papers over the years


    1. Dickhead, stop thinking with your penis (2023)
    2. white paper: power of insecurity (2017)
    3. white paper: hospitality revolution (2016)
    4. White paper: art and science of seduction (2015)
    5. White paper: : knowless (2015)
    6. soil/ nlp masters book (2003)
    7. de puzzel van het zelfassessment (2003)
    8. Becoming who you are by doing it yourself (2003)
    9. soil/nlp practitioners book (2001)



  • worden wie je bent door het zelf te doen (2000)
  • leidinggeven in de praktijk (1999)
  • oorzaken en begin (poetry, 1983)
  • Gastronomy/lifestyle Concept developer

    As owning and created my own 3rd Place Gastronomy, I realized more and more the value of hospitality. The desire to meet, share and contribute. Art, soul food, culture. To nurture our mind body and soul together. I always stayed in the field of coaching and consultant, but made my desire to create a warm place tangible.

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