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 The themes, my lovely friends, in our life are many.

The basis is increasingly questions about what consciousness is, what we observe and what can influence that perception

Instinct and intuition require redefinition… so it seems. Part of humanity is obsessed with opinions based on one or an other believe. There is fine line between what we hold for consciousness, what we ‘believe we rationalise.

Rationalization can be limiting it hinders creativity or emotional expression by

overly relying on logical reasoning. 
What do we share… brain stuff? Thoughts, believes. With what goal? Is there beside the notion of sharing a worthwhile meaning?


Let us look at a few parts of a mind map about the important aspects of sharing…the struggle between consciousness and rationalization.

The funny 20th century Self-awareness…the suggestion that consciousness involves being aware of oneself, which can lead to rationalization of one’s thoughts and actions. So where is the focus? My dog had focus on me.

Theoretical Physics or Karl Popper …. Critical thinking….Conscious individuals often engage in rationalization as part of critical thinking processes. Seeking for convincers, even installing them. With a good intention, hear the limiting belief…a good intention instead of tangible outcome.

Rationalization plays a role in the conscious decision-making process, where individuals weigh options based on logic… is the well accepted suggestion. I pre suppose that decision making should be driven by passion based on visualization.

Reflective thinking, mind mapping  one might say that consciousness enables reflective thinking, and rationalization are tools for analyzing and understanding experiences. As long as all the senses are involved you can reflect… is it thinking? Hallucinate like Fritz Perls?

We use rationalization to assess ethical dilemmas and make morally informed decisions. Ethical considerations grow on trees of deception. Where the aesthetic lifestyle, world vision has been overblown by being part of a world that we call society where we realize that beauty disappears with explanations.


Is there any use for consciousness and rationalization? Of course in technical problem solving. Only as you master a skill can teach it another, turn it into a recipe new initiatives come. Still you will only see it when you get it. That is the peculiar item called learning. Does learning commit to adaptation? See our behavior is in observation from ourselves and driven by  interpretation of (imaginary) others.

As you know there is only altruism with certain animals. Unfortunately man, of all, is inhuman. Here we rationalize into the deepest depth delete consciousness and celebrate our stupidity.


How to share? True warm social interactions, identifying the emotions involved?


I believe in Jamming, ‘art has to be forgotten and beauty realized’, Mondriaan.


With a shared our focus where there is no time for rationalization… where your consciousness is to slow to experience. In the forced personal growth the link between consciousness and rationalization is evident, where self-reflection and logical analysis contribute to development.


create a perfect condition-creating environment to co create and experience.