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everything is new. So I asked ChatGTP why animals ‘know’ their task in life instinctively and the so called Homo sapiens, The mirror has done harm. We just realise that we are alive in a space so big…a universe with speed of transmission far beyond our understanding. In our body the same picture. Fast movement without a remote control. A large part have lost their destiny… let us say their heritage. Chatgtp, after a few left and right communications: the ground that people have lost this ownership finds it origin in the technology and lifestyle. The discovery of the self …almost new renaissance and the suggestion that fighting… being negative when disappointed … focus on power instead of sharing. Where science….and economy took over from Religion. As art became a public affair and the ego was discovered… the seeds were planted for a lifestyle that suggested an universe. Interesting, simple also, what you feed will grow. The only thing that breaks all growth and perception is isolation. In a way technology (TV, Telefon, Laptop…) are limiting what you perceive. The ‘self help’ culture of being ‘better’ (than what? or Who? and why?) The sensory journey is over…unless you jump off the couch and start working in cultivating a plan. The plan is obviously limiting the focus of the senses. See here the value of aesthetics, the art of beauty.  The ability to follow a process….

To accomplice anything you need a mind set, an attitude, following a set of techniques. We just are starting to realise that we are spaced out without noticing the speed of information. Follow and adapt to:

SOIL, The Science of intuitive living

  • the empowerment of the US;
  • the intuition of the East;
  • the knowledge of the West;
  • the history of the Middle East;
  • the magic of the South
  • the strength of the universe

The Science of Intuitive Living (SOIL) is a method created by Cor van Leeuwen, a Dutch author, coach, consultant and speaker on personal/ company development. The SOIL method is based on the idea that intuition is a valuable and reliable guide in life, and that by learning to trust and follow our intuition, we can live a more fulfilling and authentic life.

According to the SOIL method, intuition is not just a vague feeling or hunch, but a comprehensive and multidimensional awareness that includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual elements. The method emphasizes the importance of cultivating a deep connection with oneself and with the natural world, as well as developing mindfulness and a sense of presence.

The SOIL method includes various practices and techniques, such as meditation, visualization, breathing exercises, and self-reflection, to help individuals tap into their intuition and live in alignment with their inner truth. The method also emphasizes the importance of taking action and making changes in one’s life based on intuition and inner guidance.

Overall, the SOIL method is designed to help individuals cultivate a deeper sense of purpose, clarity, and fulfillment in their lives by learning to trust and follow their intuition about learning to love oneself and others. by learning to love oneself and others, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. the soil method emphasizes the importance of mindfulness, self-awareness, and self-love, and encourages individuals to take a holistic approach to personal development, taking care of their physical, mental and emotional well-being. the method is meant to be a holistic approach that helps individuals to connect with their inner wisdom, improve their relationships, and find greater fulfillment in life. it is important to note that the soil method is not a scientifically validated method and it’s based on the personal experience of its creator. it’s recommended to consult with a professional if you need guidance or support in your personal development journey


 in poetic words:

Underway we go like the little freshborn turtels so the sea As if safty began there Here at home they rebuild as a tribute i suppose The square were the prisoners in 1895 on Wilde‘s ‚The Ballad of Reading Gaol‘ Walked they rounds day in dayout Convinced and restricted There the decay of humans attitude came Where religions felt the could not resent Sociology , psychology, philosophy . Kraeplin, darwin, the ism‘en, curie, einstein,wag ner, jones Everybody had found a system in reality


midst the ruins of a fractured realm, Where shadows dance and hopes overwhelm, A tapestry of words, like whispers lost, Emerged in verse, T.S. Eliot’s tempest tossed.

We venture forth into this barren land, Where echoes fade and dreams turn to sand, Like newborn turtles, seeking the boundless sea, In quest of safety, elusive yet meant to be.

Within the tribute of a reconstructed square, Where prisoners once trod, their burdens to bear, Conviction shackled, freedom’s light dimmed, Humanity’s decay, a haunting hymn.

Religions falter, unable to resent, As the tides of fate reshape their intent, Sociology, psychology, philosophy’s array, Systems devised, seeking truth’s final say.

Kraepelin, Darwin, the isms that abound, Curie and Einstein, knowledge profound, Wagner and Jones, weaving melodies grand, They found in reality, a world unplanned.

Between the fragments, Wilfred Owen’s cry, Rückert’s Lieder, life’s incompetence to decry, Media’s advance, a double-edged sword, Techniques of killing, progress abhorred.

A simple boxing match, a spectacle of might, Lost in Hollywood’s realm, shadows take flight, Indians and Russians, cast as eternal foes, As love’s essence wanes, humanity’s throes.

Yet in the face of possibilities vast, Amidst our follies, our future cast, Love, for nature and beings, a steadfast guide, For life and poetry, our hearts reside.


Und nun auf Deutsch, im Rilke’schen Klang, In Worte gehüllt, die wie Nebel zart und sanft. Fließende Verse, ein stummer Fluss, Verweben sich, erfüllen uns mit süßem Genuss.

In der Stille liegen die Worte bereit, Die Tiefen der Seele, sie ergründen so weit. Wie Rilke einst, die Ewigkeit erspüren, In jedem Wort, das unsere Seelen berühren.

Die Schönheit der Sprache, die den Himmel erreicht, Wie Sterne am Firmament, in Dunkelheit schweigt, Die Poesie umarmt uns, in ihrem Gewand, Führt uns durch des Verstandes geheimnisvolles Land.

Den Kern der Wahrheit in jedem Gedicht versteckt, Offenbart die Mysterien des Lebens, die uns erschreckt. In Sprache der Träume, der Liebe Gesang, Erfassen wir das Leben, das in unseren Herzen klang.

So reisen wir fort auf dieser poetischen Bahn, Verweben die Sprachen, im Einklang, im Wahn. In Eliots Ödland, in Rilkes himmlischem Tanz, Finden wir Trost, wenn uns die Poesie ergreift, ganz.

And now, as we draw to a close, In Maxwell’s words, the truth arose, “What is done by what I call myself is, I feel, Done by something greater than myself, surreal.”

For in the depths of our being, we find, A force beyond us, a divine design, The interplay of self and the universe’s might, Guiding our steps through darkness and light.