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you do want to be a

idiot , so use your brains

for a changes


It is time to wake up

Smart people do not go into politics. But sometimes they drive you into it. Although there is a paradox.

Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli was the smarter one, in all his irony.

A few things:

Politicians have the tendency to make themselves important.

I take the disease serious like other diseases.

There is no pandemic.

People are measuring RNA on a scale as never before

So far ‘only’ 16.000 people in Holland 10.000. 90 % over 65 years of age.

Compared with normal flew or other diseases reasonable, when we take into account that elderly people have the tendency to die at a certain moment. With covid perhaps. Not nice, but reality. Also young people die of cancer or heart failure.

In Holland and Germany they fear overload in Hospitals.

Might be a suggestion to build new ones and focus on that aspect. not one!!

In 8 months they closed hospitals and fired people.

I have been business consultant (25 years) also in several hospitals and we all know that the complete over-monitoring of ‘quality and risk management, made the hospitals drown in administration and overhead. This already for years. This is where the incompetence lies.

Organized by over management and health insurance company lobbies.

We know that the WHO is payed by……

We know that information is rarely trustworthy

We know that all news channels and most newspapers are payed and owned by the same companies that benefit financially from the measurements

The Mayor of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, London (as a few examples) want to close down the cities.

Police is ordered to stand up against their own neighbours.


You must be insane if you say there is no corona.

But you are even more doubtworthy if you are a politician and think you can ruin economy, personal lives and the possibility and freedom for people to take their own decisions.

I am Dutch live in Germany people like Söder (Bayern) name everybody who does not agree with him ‘dangerous’ .

In Holland we have Rutte (a job politician) who should STOP and think about where he is getting his info from and what reality is.

But the guy has an audience and believes he is making history in a positive way. Instead of seeing he is slave of companies and lobbyists.

He knows, he was in Davos….

The crown jewel of stupidity and not to be saved any more is De Jonghe.

Is ignorance and stupidity had to be personalized in one person: I belief God send him as a test…. Will we notice that he believes he can run the marathon but drops death after 500 meters.

And I know. You cannot move people if what you say about them is not friendly, but honest. You can catch a lot of flies with honey, but you can catch more honeys by being fly.

So I am sorry gentlemen. It is not that you are not nice. Not that you are not willing to try.

But you have taken it, like the complete political theater too far.

People get ill. And people die.

Every day 1500-3000 people from malaria (there is a cure for that)

10.000 children from hunger

400.000 are killed a year by homicide

Then there is war in many countries

And here in Germany in a village with 8000 people and 50 on the streets people wear (dirty) masks. Even sitting alone in their car. And 4 grown up mn play ‘Ordnungsamt’ , the only qualification you need to have for that job is complete and utter ignorance and no education what so ever.

Most people just lived their live without consciousness, so they as politicians believe that they save the world. And everything in the newspapers and television tell them that they are right.

So politicians: wake up. All the money in the world cannot be enough for the mess you are creating.

YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO IMPRISON PEOPLE IN THEIR BEHAVIOR. YOU ARE JUST A POLITICIAN. That is mostly a job for people with tendency to be authoritarian.
A leader without a crowed.