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What causes Corona?



What causes Corona?

As a life coach and chef in a restaurant, you are always looking for compelling realities that make our senses tingle and make life worth living. When it functions you make a recipe so it is to be repeated.

When I was 8 years old as a child I had the feeling: all people would know what life is about – they act and talk so professional- only me … I do not know what it is all about…

What impressed me was nature, art and real ‘inventors’ scientist with a heart for passion.

I started reading, writing, researching intensifying the relationship with life, nature and people.

Life is a mystery with lots of storytelling.

Now a lot of people seem to be society focused. Not universe but society.

The homo universalis has left the stage and the zoo that is called society sets the focus.

A tragedy.

Fan or not from Strindberg’s book ‘day of loneliness’ 1903!! About avoiding media might be a gesture.

Kierkegaard in 1851 was never fond of Bunglers

‘Suppose someone invented an instrument, a convenient little talking tube which could be heard over the whole land ? I wonder if the police would not forbid it, fearing that the whole country would become mentally deranged if it were used. In the same way, to be sure, guns are prohibited.’

“the press is evil simply and solely through its power of circulation” as this gives it a disproportion leading to “a kind of insanity which tends to make society into a madhouse, just as crisscrossing a square mile area with trains would be crazy and, far from benefiting, would confuse everything.”

Now we are confronted with CORONA. Not the beer but the ‘virus’. Not just another flu… , that is what they say…. But statistics show no drama in comparison with other flu’s… and yet in many countries insanity rules.

I feel again very much like this 8 year old kid. The panic, the measurements… the new laws… schools and cities are closed.

My question is of course who is behind this panic? Why not worry about children dying. The attitude of people against refugees in Greece or I do not know where in the world.

Who are the people who cause fear and act as if they know what is going on?

Who believe to create an identity through this issue?

Journalists, Civil servants and politicians.

Now they of all people, not the scientist, not the workers, not the artists. Not the skilled people… but the people we could mostly, -lets leave 15 %- we could easily do without… the

Journalists, Civil servants and politicians.

If fear is your guide then you give them credit. But normal rational logical thinking shows

the fact that you are a character doesn’t mean you have character

let alone the ability to rule or create fear.