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The virtue of values….


So we live in the west in a Greek reality. Value driven assisted by beliefs. We have a constitution mostly finding his origin in the mid 19th century. We got a right to vote, if you look at that line…. Who is the party that says: ‘Oh give them their vote…’ It meant that there was pressure from larger groups and Politicians with an Ideal and vision. True history humanity has proven to be completely insane and able to be great in achievement.

One might say that a large group is able to use their brain and body in a proper way and could think for themselves.

There would not be so many law books if we would more often degree on to disagree and move on.

But see now: we are nurtured by politics, who is easy to mislead and misused.

Now politics has become pragmatic. Being a politician means you have a fairy save job. If you have been in the process long enough they will also promote you to a nice -well payed- job outside the arena.

It is a scary in-crowd thing if you take a closer look. Most politicians have hospitalized into an peculiar creature who is acting in ‘as if’. Far away from reality. Rarely you have a street wise politician who learned live on the streets. They got their job because they accepted to be a caddy at the beginning of their career.

Mostly they do not know dick shit about life.

The crowd as we know. Does not know very much about the process and survives in their daily ignorance pretty well because their cognitive dissonance. Therefor they get the politicians that they deserve.

We, the nation, have had freedom. We did not treat the planet very well. Neither did we the now so called 3e world.

We learned to consume and did that in a profound way. The consciousness grew. Also about the fragility of what we have. We designed and created the impossible. Observing the other is also a tool we created.

Now we are at a different level, fully under control. Human is on it way to be socially restricted

As most people are living in their ‘own private Idaho’ far from being connected to others or for all I care society or the universe

It will be that restrictions — as they are control .. that will determine what you can and cannot do.

I very much doubt if the masks and the ‘ new normal’ (do sit to close ) will disappear. The 1,5 meter distance on public live might even turn in to a law. Und that whilst corona is not the sickness that leads to death. No will be something else…. something we cannot see.

and the paperback politicians delete or label everything that is not on there worksheet or might be a treat

Politics always finds excuses to profile their limited stupidity

It is a game between certainty and uncertainty with one very big difference…the parameters and the essence of what experience are unknown but interpreted by people who are far away from a normal life.

the question for us is: how can we get our own new world back?