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the new moon


So take a moment to reassess your path, thinking, doing. The brain-death following the new turbulence, schools, science without question it in such a way a could be one matrix. One reality amongst many, matrix like. Mathematics is one way of defining the universe.

As I was 18 I stood up against the dangers of marketing. How stupid I could be.

All is marketing and it is funny. Do not mirror yourself to the world of people, – what does NOT say you cannot take them serious as human-. The moment they adapt to a role and create an identity around it, they are lost. Just back up a like and walk on.

There is a change going on. Humanity and the order are changing.

Bigger than we can or could imagine.

Politicians could be dangerous with a certain crowed behind them. Or with an army working for them. History has told us. And the ‘Mass’ is not for nothing ‘The Mass’. Without identity and ownership.

There are these people who want to dictate others, I believe Rutte (Holland) is one of them, but he is not alone. He wants to feel important. So let him.

There is a certain part of history that focusses on the individuals failing in owning their freedom. They focused on it, so you cannot be disappointed that u get it:

Let us take Aldious Huxley in Brave New world. George Orwells 1984.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers by Don Siegel, as movie in 1956 and later with Donald Sutherland there addressed as Horror. Go to history of what you have been reading and seeing, what were the themes.

We look at Adorno, Fromm, Frankl, Ash, Millgram and many many more. We spoke about the critic on ‘Society’. Protectors of Human rights, Rosa parks.. Freedom… but in contrast to a crowd.

What you focus upon is what you get.

We were completely free, but in what way?

There is a fundamental change coming

You have to talk with you, without anybody hearing it and still looking for an outcome..

But if you look for an outcome there is a reference towards a imaginary public

We do not know dick shit about this life

How to do what and for sure why

Now all of a sudden, -for many generations we grew up with the illusion that there were certain people you could connect to and relay on- you notice connection is something else

The parents, Children, the friends, the doctor, the teacher, the pastor, the peer group (perhaps).. gone

I know I know, it were the 60 ties that declared that freedom was

‘Just on other word for nothing left to lose’.

Freedom was the hallucinating ability to ‘realize’ that there were others like you

(The Jam)

If we communicate for two minutes only
It will be enough
For knowing that someone in this world
Feels as desperate as me –

We love the hallucination:

Now I understand

What you tried to say to me

How you suffered for your sanity

How you tried to set them free

They would not listen they did not know how

Perhaps they’ll listen now

Vincent Don Maclean

We were talking, painting, singing, screaming always with the thought or believe somewhere someone who would listen. I am sorry but no

Economics looked like the main goal setter. The main entertainers or party blooper. It looked like it is all about money. Money will go, disappear. Instead there will be mediocre that is controlling every move you make

I love Flaubert (his letters more then his books) : `I involved myself with politics for a while, what a goldmine of stupidities`

We are a few steps further

Louis XVI wrote in his diary Rien (“Nothing”) on July 14, 1789. There the ‘bourgeoisie’ found its origin as never before. So the ‘ismen’ in a political way could make it entrance.

In 1850 sociology, psychology and somewhat later psychiatry tried to be a science as everthing. Again declaring the inter human relationship…

Jan Hendrik van den Berg wrote …Abstract. Metabletics a systematic study of the changing nature of human existence.. worth reading.

And changing we are, From Hippies to television junkies, from television junkies to mobile phone addicts with an opinion about every third line on Google or wikepedia.

In between the ‘We need holiday, early pension and do nothing’ generation also called the reconstruction generation just after WOII. Material.

The world of politics is young. In the USA it is an insane game, but that is world wide.

So what is an alternative for suppressing politics?

YOU, your thoughts, your ability to connect and live a life that is meaningful for you and your love ones. A life that does not hurt other leaving creators

The first one you need to convince is you