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the most important things

in life are not



If you frame me you deny me

Or with Kierkegaard (1848)

Once you Label Me, You Negate me…

Framing and labeling is for Children of a lesser God… As is ordering somebody else what to do…hence my resistance against politicians and newspaper people…

There are people who chew on words from others…or their selftalk that is not serving them but hurting their system. Words are not so much a reflection of reality as an elicitation of a certain part …neglecting the total picture.

Dreams and nightmares start more or less with the same process. Just a little selection of words to open consciousness on how to approach perception.

Dr. Benjamin Spock…(Baby’s and child care, 1946) ‘You know more than you think’ throws a supposed consciousness in our face… that all of us would have the drive to realize and accelerate … A mindset created just after WW II adopting the idea that society is the world and you are responsible for controlling the elements of perception and development.

Korzybski (science and Sanity, 1933): The Map is not the territory …words are seldom the item they describe … also plays with notion of awareness on a relationship level…

To have a certain kind of communication we need identifications where we agree upon… at the same moment we know that content is context depended… that every timeframe and point of view (point of you … perception) colors phenomenology or metabletica (the psychological analysis of human nature as affected by historical change… Jan Hendrik van den Berg)

Poetry opens doors for charm and freedom in variety.

Life is simple when you generalize. It is passionate when you serve somebody on a specific level… mostly being in Rapport is staying in your own interpretation of what is really make you exited.

Lets take ice as an example. ‘I love ice…, do you…?’ The other one can surprise you with their interpretation of what you mean by ‘ice’. Ice-cream? Italian ice? Russian? Or Skating Ice? Glacier Ice? Ice cubes…? And so on…

The conversation is quite a bit more difficult of you address: ‘I love the Russian vanilla ice on the Red square in Moscow at the beginning of the Square the little Green Colored shop…’. Most often the other cannot log on to what you visualize.

Any word, thought, feeling we share can only be a bridge for a connection if we accept that ambiguity is the basic rule of thumb… rapport the essence beginning to develop the depth of the relationship.

The whole is more than the sum of the parts … says Fritz Perls


there is importance of viewing humans as whole rather than a sum of discretely parts

We tempt to think… we ‘need to be somebody’. According to whom? For whom?

What is this ‘to be’ exactly? There are cases where random others (…) state that ‘you have no personality’… what the f..k is happening…?

It is all fluid, the world is. Any connection, any relationship is circling

Still there has been more than an attempt or 2 to identify what is.

This identifying thing is obviously bothering me

The new , mostly I must say… not very well educated in the history of anything…., people who want to live in the ‘now’ and want to (in state a )‘aware’ loose themselves in identification.

‘I am Vegan and love myself’ hence the t-shirt on her body seems to say it all.

‘who the cares what you’r eating habits are and that you masturbate a lot’, would be a possible reply

So when you eat somewhere in your perception is… fat-not fat, healthy or not, a zag day… only now; how did the animal grow up?. Is the weed from an honest governed country? Al things that distract your attention from the eating thing itself.

So funny today. This woman says: I am studying Aristoteles and Kant…., it is fascinating how much of their ideas are still very much relevant…

The old Greek locked society in the Value thing. Aristoteles forced is in structure and process.

As a whole in the framework of ‘psyche’ and ‘Poleis’

remarkable enough lots of people still take that all serious


Also a few weeks ago

Der sterbende Sokrates. — Ich bewundere die Tapferkeit und Weisheit des Sokrates in Allem, was er tat, sagte — und nicht sagte. Dieser spöttische und verliebte Unhold und Rattenfänger Athens, der die übermütigsten Jünglinge zittern und schluchzen machte, war nicht nur der weiseste Schwätzer, den es gegeben hat: er war ebenso groß im Schweigen. Ich wollte, er wäre auch im letzten Augenblicke des Lebens schweigsam gewesen, — vielleicht gehörte er dann in eine noch höhere Ordnung der Geister. War es nun der Tod oder das Gift oder die Frömmigkeit oder die Bosheit — irgend Etwas löste ihm in jenem Augenblick die Zunge und er sagte: “Oh Kriton, ich bin dem Asklepios einen Hahn schuldig”. Dieses lächerliche und furchtbare “letzte Wort” heißt für Den, der Ohren hat: “Oh Kriton, das Leben ist eine Krankheit!” Ist es möglich! Ein Mann, wie er, der heiter und vor Aller Augen wie ein Soldat gelebt hat, — war Pessimist! Er hatte eben nur eine gute Miene zum Leben gemacht und zeitlebens sein letztes Urteil, sein innerstes Gefühl versteckt! Sokrates, Sokrates hat am Leben gelitten! Und er hat noch seine Rache dafür genommen — mit jenem verhüllten, schauerlichen, frommen und blasphemischen Worte! Musste ein Sokrates sich auch noch rächen? War ein Gran Großmut zu wenig in seiner überreichen Tugend? — Ach Freunde! Wir müssen auch die Griechen überwinden!

Die fröhliche Wissenschaft

What are words but weapons…? ‘He who lives by the sword shall perish by the sword…?’

Prophecies hunting for fear… calling for attention?

On the other hand words are simple means for shaping a focus in a certain moment

If you take words as tour guides the choice what to do with them remains yours.

Quote mining and all kind of quotations shape imaginary personalities … words might become things…therefor actions…

Our society as such is based on communication. Theories, science, economics, religions… everything is in-for-mation always open for new formations…. New formats…Mostly instructions…

Remarkable that words often are used as closure mechanism to frame …

As Nietzsche says… it is about time to leave the Greek behind…we are dimensions further… there is a completely new universe not only with focus on the human factor in the so called society…

At the same time we realize that the boundaries are set by ‘fact checks’…. Where we know that content is context depended … conservatives elicit words out of their context to chain many … to frame the difference between attitude and words… between dreams and description… between self and public.

The world becomes a zoo… controlled nature … institutionalized behavior, rooms divided and blending emptiness when words are taken literally to create a prison identity

So again

When 2 people like each other .. are in rapport… it does not matter what they say how

When one of the 2 is out of rapport with himself/herself (mostly living without a clear drive or focus) they become polarity responders …meaning that everything is questioned as if standing on its own.. so no relationship …therefor no content accepted…

Educate your DNA. Realise beauty, elegance…

Transform information into directing a mutual focus SERVE