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The big goodbye in the now 17



We can go back far further…. But a fine example is …George Herbert Mead’s symbolic interactionism theory…. The humans struggle to live in the now…. Whilst they often see the now overruled by habitual behavior system structures from the past (unconscious memories) and hallucinations about the future.

Next to that….

Perception is one thing… observation another …thinking …..It is thought that our brains can, in fact, respond to information that’s much briefer than this, lasting less than a quarter of a millisecond… the moment you respond to that as sensing it (See, hear, feel, taste, smell… selftalk) you are miles away into a divine new universe… the influence of the world around us and within us are interesting contributors…the now floats away…

But still you feel…. Take the Betty Erickson induction as a fine method to knowless

I have been, the last few years (even months and weeks) to long and too often in hospital, isolated … all the thinkable operations and oxygen to keep me in place…. Sort of singing detective or Thomas Bernhardt…

More often I said it…

I was giving seminars, year after year in Antwerp in The Astrid Park Plaza…, had been in the elevator… over 100 times… and on a given moment I read:

‘What is the last time you did something for the first time…?

Robbert Dijkgraaf told lovely:

A life without excuses, perhaps the hardest thing there is

And we do not know anything about life…. Might interpret as a joyful journey where gratitude is the fundament of things…Gratitude turns what you have into enough…

Melancholy… poetry and a slight dreaming ….creates a Vuja de… seeing with new eyes as Proust mentioned it….

Your breathing together with your sensory acuity gives you a new now… create more new nows..

I am a hypnotherapist so have the obvious cultivate altered states in hunters of sessions… and every day life

In this context read and see ‘Wisdom’ of Andrew Zuckermann…