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Revolving door at Easter



In my new universe as being host and owner in a café/restaurant, there is a part of me this part of me that has been manifest for as long as I can remember:

Observing the playful, tragical and any other sketch in my universe.

‘Life in a nutshell settings’.

Not one holds truth, for I am not a guy from abstract ethics

More I am attracted to the aesthetics. Movements, paths, gestures, style and such…

The scene: At the end of the day, early evening, 2 youngsters were in the house. The one left as the other came in. Both 16.

1 a streetwise, dressed casually and very open young man. The young Nicky Cruz (to stay in terms of Easter).

He came in. Saluted the few clients who were still there. He was carrying a few cups that obviously had been standing outside still.

He said hello to my dog Charlie, kneeled down next to the creature and stroked him.

Looked at me and said: ”As you do not have time, should I walk with Charlie?”

‘Please do, that is very nice of you’ I said.

So he walked. Half an hour later he came in again with Charlie.

He left again greeting everybody with a friendly smile. Not before asking: ”Can I be of any help to you now?”

I thanked him and said, ‘No, it is ok’.

His movement was totally were he was.

Right at that time another boy, also 16, left the café. On the doorstep they changed places. Charlie was as always down and out relaxed on the floor. No trace of earlier excitement outside.

This young man was very well dressed as in The Chosen from Chaim Potok. He is, as I know, a religious young man underway to church, to contribute to the Easter celebration.

“Can I have two cappuccino?” he asked.

‘Of course’ I said.

Underway he tapped Charlie on his head and said: “Hello Charlie” and walked on. The dog looked at me.

A few minutes later he left the café with a ‘thank you’, carrying his cappuccino. “I paid for the coffee’.

There were only a few clients left. Three to be precise and one was a regular.

The young was focused on his path and destiny.

In this lovely revolving door setting 2 worlds crossed each other: ‘The street’ and ‘the church’.

just a small scene of 2 worlds crossing each other in our universe.

Dedication to what is and what is about to come.

So is Easter either an attitude or a belief?