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red mist

ENOUGH the 19th century is over


THE SCIENCE OF INTUITIVE LEARNING.  Not another Guru story, neither preaching. It is the operating system

To get to know  more or again in December the book ‘Dickhead’, stop thinking with your penis will be published

The book is not that vulgar as the title might suggest I would like to send video’s and podcasts

It is an example on how we live and approach the world. Each and every step in life.

My suggestion is we can learn Of course we need to know a little about history The Stoa, The Greek, The Persian, Indian, Chinese, The Religious once

Does not mean you need to read it all. Lectures have a perspective, like photo’s movies and books. It is all a scope. An intention to. Share something

That is the thing I would Shortly here put a few words to you

Important: Synchronicity



The moment you meet: co create

Before that admire the animal, the human, the tree, the park ADMIRE. Life is a gift…. Please live it yourself deeply intense aware without the suggestion that it is IT. Color it with art, with serving. Be the light for others and find yourself in delight.

Red Mist is what blocks your perception and brings you in a focus the narrows your reality. Sometimes that is perfectly fine, as long as you breath, chill and experience,