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red mist


ENOUGH the 19th century is over


the science of intuitive living

to get to know m more or again in December the book ‘Dickhead’, stop thinking with your penis

The book is not that vulgar as the title might suggest I would like to send video’s and podcast

But the guy, that is a different kind of immoral Dickhead who ‘made’ the website Did not finish it… wrong choice from me He has no moral… and a child…. Oh oh oh…

My suggestion is we can learn Of course we need to know a little about history The Stoa, The Greek, The Persian, Indian, Chinese, The Religious once

Does not mean you need to read it all. Lectures have a perspective, like photo’s movies and books. It is all a scope. An intention to. Share something

That is the thing I would Shortly here put a few words to you

Important: Synchronicity



The moment you meet: co create

Before that admire the animal, the human, the tree, the park ADMIRE Life is a gift…. Please live it yourself deeply intense aware without the suggestion that it is IT