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Do never doubt yourself….doubt kills

So lovely to take decisions based on the feeling that it is yours….

You are in a resourceful state… remembering very pleasant and successful moments in your life… See and experience that as the starting point for good future decision…

Mind mapping and having a rational approach as the steady second step… prevents rationalisation in hind side from actions

Fear is a happy therapeutic approach to keep people in the act of following… it sets people on to doubt.

There are people who like to take advantage of that doubt…. ‘guide’ people into the next trap to reassure their identity and ‘product’. I

Mostly the problems come when you have half your life behind you and you realize that there is a new future to be created… trust me there is time

Long time people misunderstood Machiavelli il Principe… as it was slightly ironic.. Lack of knowledge about the person, the context made people interpret it in the wrong way…

Scientific analyses might bring some light by induction, deduction, verification, falsification simple methods to get to the bottom of things.

Now we have preachers who did not read the bible, who know nothing about history and do not have a life vision of their own.

A pathetic miscalculation that elevates human overestimating their intelligence.

We might call it politics or media… the strangest of all manipulation by mostly people who are unscrupulous…. Without having this intention… the scary part is that they rationalize their ‘positive’ intention…..

Afraid of living and scared of dying

As we all do not really know what the origin of life is. Which direction we are heading… we realize what we realize until we realize more…

Clear now is that these politicians and media figures speculate on fear to stay in the spotlights. Their lack of talent to entertain people, to make people happy creates this disturbing attitude.

As culture has told the human race for over 3000 that they are not complete or living the life in the way possible…. Self-doubt has become part of many peoples vocabulary. Without the reasoning how to get out of this rabbit whole

By collecting your recipes for happiness you create pride
By abandoning and objectifying media and politicians as anybody who does not bring happiness and does not entertain you

You serve others as others serve you