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Rapport is all you need


there is a thing that is called `Rapport`… it is the perfect Tango…. the ability to relate to others in a way that creates trust and understanding… and to make sure the others relate in that way to you

it is not just a skillset… it is an attitude and above all realisation that ‘communication is the responsibility you get’ Which in it self is a hard nut to crack… who starts first …. both should think and believe that way

specially for children it is important to learn about Rapport…- as most ‘grown ups’ are addicted to their self system and often stupidity-…the ability to make rapport

the most important thing to remember:

people who are not in rapport with them selves ………. incongruent …. are rarely able to actively make rapport with others

life is about connecting in a loving way… show empathy and warmth… typical Religious and Greek values… I know

the bottom line is: if 2 people are not in rapport (do not like each other in a certain moment) no content sharing has any use … nobody is listing to the nobody… word said are in vain

if 2 people are in rapport and like each other… and feel good nothing what is being said is attacked or opposed … the content is not important… it is a game of senses and outer body sharing

content is context dependent…. that is where we should leave any content

strive for love, strive for rapport…. you want to lead somebody… a child or grown up to a change that would benefit the other (and you) do it with love…. attention…. respect and rapport…

educating by punishing does not work….

and start liking what you do instead of this insane ‘do what you would like to do most’

do what you do with passion and you will be happy

please the other… be the sun… put him or her in The Light…. Delight… all other actions are insane

k168 hours a week

Kant: science is organised knowledge … wisdom an organised live…

be warm and helpful act upon it