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a start

My true believe…. We are now for 3000 year closed up in the thought that ‘man is the measure of all things’….that we need a society…. A sort of a circus with rules, regulations, ‘phony’ and ‘idiotic leaders… doctrines…. On this small planet that we know are Earth…

This Earth thing is in the middle of an ocean of starts, planets and other galaxies…

So concerned about living and death.. what comes for and what after…. The eternal life would be a drag…so what are we striving for… if not sharing energy and connection

Everything will be washed away by the wind and the water…. In between these powers you connect… aware without knowing…. Miles away from the direction your heading


Overwhelmingly convinced that the contact is life. With others …with your body….

It is an insane doctrine to keep on working on the human race until they understand that there is no such thing as a society… that we still live in a pathetic small Greek universe instead of opening up to the energy we are

There is no space and we do not touch… thoughts are empty as filled with sameness… without neurological connections that let you hub on another train….

It is filled with new experiences as you are open without even defining in exact words…

There often is no time, no place, no causality…. Still a connection..

Your pelvic floor is the center of you existence in many ways

We will talk about it