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it is not to be



As living in Germany. In the smallest of towns in northern Hessen. Every day is a new challenge in adaptation. My connection with people is ok… but the moment they start talking about their believes and rationalized conditioned responses I often loose contact

Start observing and am out of the interaction game. The birth of a voyeur without any sexual reference.

The preacher from one of the many Christian churches here came to me (what he never has done in the past 7 years) ‘In our church we created places for 24 people from the Ukraine…’

Proud as a monkey he was…finally a true Christian…

I replied….”very good I have contact with refugees from Syria, Miramar, Yemen and many more… could I send them to you”.

Obviously irritated he walked away… Leaving me behind with question marks.

Today a woman and man, a couple as we call it, stood in front of my door. I, as usual not knowing what to say-, told the story from the preacher. “Could you help me out… why now every one is welcome and people from Afghanistan as an example, were not welcomed this way?”

They: ‘A friend of ours also has people from the Ukraine in his house…. He gets 900 euro a month for it…’ (as the Preacher gets…)

I said … I know he is telling everybody who wants to hear it about how good he is….and leaves the 900 euro out. Still why now…why these people?

The couple: ‘Because they belong to our culture and they are women and children…(as a ‘joke’) blond…blue eyes and Christian…’

This is the moment you need to play as stupid as Columbo (Peter Falk).

“What do you mean…?”

They: ’Being a Christian who connects to our values…The Islamic men are harassing our women and do not connect to our culture…’ ‘The men should fight for their country ‘

Me:” A refugee is not a refugee?”

They: ‘No, they…(sic)-meaning the Afghani and other Islamic- came here for the money only and do not belong here… the woman and children are real refugees…`

“Ok”, I said.

As noticed… my connection to argumentation and rationalisation of humanity is becoming more and more problematic… without it being a problem for me… it is a ‘Truman show Avant la Lettre’.

In my restaurant Ursula was having breakfast… addicted to Celery after reading books from a medium. It heals body …soul and mind… perhaps even more …food for thoughts? So




As usual I am as dumb as Columbo

What is the right recipe…when it is not about the taste of food anymore?