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method acting?



There events in the world that might change or influence our perception and even our behaviour.

We know a movie is a movie. A song is a song. Tv is Tv and so on.

What is reality? Always a nice question.

I tempt to believe that movies, books, songs and art really influence peoples everyday’s believes and actions more than all politics and much other stuff. The entertainment value is an important asset there. Will talk about that later in different writings.

The circus around the elections in the USA does not differ very much of other countries it is just -like everything in the USA- bigger in its insanity. Insanity starts where one person believes he or she can rule a country. I am not very much into politics but know some people like these jobs.

Type casting is a thing in itself. Notice the following 2 video’s. Both involve Robert the Niro. How big is the influence of the role The Niro had in Taxi Driver on his personal life?

In 1976 there was Taxi Driver the movie. Michael Cimino was the director. One of the main Characters… Robert the Niro. Well know for his Method action.

In the second video (2016) The Niro steps out of the movie scene and talks as a private person. A bit older but still you might see some similarities …Method acting becomes LARP (life acting role playing)?

I just look at these things from the angle of personal development and the energy that somebody shows.

Just an observation about what sets the person on fire in his life.

A Famous scene: ‘talking to me…” watch it till the end. Watch and hear him talk on the bed.

Now in 2016 Robert talks to and about Trump.

Nice to look from a different angle. What would it have sounded like when he would have played in The Sound of Music instead of Taxi Driver…