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lamentation &#8230 with hope


Step out of the sequences that tie you to security

Force yourself into the unknown

Step out of this society driven non sense

We are trapped in ‚being‘ normal…. Mediocrity…

We have been terrorized by ‘information’ and measures around corona

What ignorance and stupidity we now accept… for the eyes of the public the administration fails… we cannot deny any more…. Politicians and civil servants are stupid as mules… runner up the so called journalists

What dear wonder life is…

Poëts , painters, movie makers, musicians and all other artist… perhaps even philosophers and physicians who life for the perfecting of their skill, thoughts, feelings… not seeking for a frame of reference… never finishing…

Just watch the eyes, see and feel the emotions

What horrible life … 14 years school… where you learn the grammar and vocabulary of teachers…. -who wants to be a teacher… the security (financial) greyness of the state..

What follows is the university to end all dreams of individualism … end the skill to feel and not know

Is it to be wondered that here people from barely 50 live in front of the tv

That when 60 they hope to die soft in an afternoon nap

I address you

You spirit who does not know what life is

Yet wants to discover every single detail and moment

Feel the depth of the emotions that are so hard to share

Be proud of that and be proud of you

And touch… touch and move