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Everything is really new



What word, what song, what painting…? The faces of nature… the loving eyes of an animal… a new born child…billions and billions of stars….sounds of music…dancing…caring hands that support you?

What is it that changes people, their awareness, grasp the notion of living …and awareness (how to do that) the law of dying…? That softness is the leading tone of voice…NOT dictating, but loving as you talk to a baby or an animal… (normal people)

Soft poetry, sweet melodies, dramatic but entertaining movies. Significant Emotional moments… where your senses are open…where you full in the picture

Tears, laughter… which of the two builds up more intensity in memory?

Is the creation of a vision/plan that is comes to its completion the crown on experience …no…no…no…the unexpected transfer of vibrations on the waves that connect in the universe

What drives? What keeps you going? Whataget cruel animal invented the pain of departure?

The world as a stage, meanwhilst part of a huge universe. Now as we live in the aera of science/technology and robots. Communication goes faster than our perception can follow. Years and years i had as Theme: The power of insecurity, how can you be sure enough to be insecure.

As knowing is related to creating in a scientific way of thinking. We call spiritual what we cannot grasp. There must be a meaning. There must be a starting point… i hear people often saying.

shifting your perception being fully interested, open, curious and excited not only when you are ‘in the open’ but always. Every second of the day.

we might not know much. Experience a lot. Dignity, elegance and Sprezzatura

it all a matter of repetition. Do not wait for visitors at home, in order to behave Condition yourself

Take silent moments and be grateful.

Search, in awareness, what triggers your senses.