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Talking about BELIEVING

Always I am impressed by the skills of Derren Brown. It is also my field of work of course to assist people to be aware of techniques and how to use them. Derren is entertainer in many ways, at the same time he shares here a little more. Analyse what he does. Note how ‘simple’ techniques makes eyes roll. 

What we believe and hold for reality is one of the important questions for our way of life. Nationalism, believe in certain kind of therapy, the idiotic belief that success brings happiness, the focus on ongoing ‘ I first must love myself’, God, Buddha, Allah, Shamans, different kinds of dieting and so on.

As you might know, if you follow what I write, one of my life themes -ever since I was 8 years- ‘How do people do believing in what they believe’. Next to: how do people do what they do. Why do people believe what they believe.

Of course, as Derren Brown, I was astonished how many people adapt to suggestion and installed beliefs that are so obvious absurd… based on nothing. He has been on the debunking path. That is why I share the video. Manipulation and hypnoses. 

In our line of business we help people to take better decisions. To use your brains for a change….Obvious with the search for non-rationalization communication. Debunking is reaction one can expect. 

On the other hand… Plato’s thoughts were already that all is projection, suggestion and shade game that we hold for reality. So many philosophers, so many musicians, writers, artists, doctors… so many interpretations. There is a tendency to trust and belief. Mind I am not talking about love or connection with your loved once.

The debunking comes from promises for a ‘better life’ ‘Healing all dis eases’ ‘Garantie there is a Divine one who will guide you’. 

The placebo effect… the self fulfilling prophecy…using such things very consciously to create a scam… that is fascinating for many people. 

I see it as an aspect of the world we live in. As a youngster they told me: I was noticing what others did not notice…

It sounds insane… these observations and the outcomes… dominated many of my choices. In literature, sports, art, studying, research, even in the relationships…

As being left or right also part of what I observe… I like to stay awake.

As being completely flabbergasted about the process that guides people into believe and behavior connected to it. We want to open the eyes: look, look… open your eyes… use your brains…

Be careful that you do not become a preacher trying to convince others…. There with carrying the suggestion that you want to enforce your believes on others…


Mean whilst we realize:

You focus on what supports your beliefs and disregard the rest.


Derren the debunker, has his own motives/believes for the focus that he has. Respectful and aware.

Let us take it step by step. In the world where installing convincers often connects to pain or other unpleasant emotions. Where lots of people always defend their ‘own’ choices. Where many adapted to a self-observing psychology vocabulary. 

You need to gather technics. Realize the effort to be good in controlling the process.

Derren often refers to NLP, hypnoses, mentalism. How he studied how so called ‘Mediums’ approach how they manipulate people and the context. He is clear and I confirm that. He uses techniques to create states and focus. To internalise techniques is a long path, some what more than an opinion or suggestion. 

We all have basic beliefs, might be said as you are stepping into this picture.

This video is a very good example for you to realize that there is a lot you can realize.

As hypnoses operates: The suggestion given… the emotion you outlined…-imagined or not- becomes part of your being and perception.


You need to observe instead of instead of observing… our neurology developed patterns … habits…




Every now and then

Freeze the frame

Keep it playful


People who approach  studied marketing, persuasion engineering, sales… performance enhancement.

Mostly ‘news’ travels in your being unexpected. Like musicians, theater stage managers they create the set up where you become part of their belief suggestions

The tendency to make sense out of things -oh oh your learned and conditioned habits are frame- is as human as can be.


Bias… Beliefs…Storytelling…Images/imagining…Moments…Momentum
She was with her mum…
Just to get a glimpse
Seeing her bike standing
My eyes scanning the building  
Frames remain  
Past good or bad
Essential being connected  

Same is with my daughter
My father and mother  
Many of my friends  
Here there are strong warm feelings connected  
States, emotional states  

That is one of the essentials in life
Ankering states


Adorno, Millgram, Ash … modern Cialdini, Bandler there are so many people who looked at communication. Who we follow why. How we convince ourselves.

In the era where A i… artificial intelligence will be directing your mind and focus…

As usual

Skepticism makes everything foggy.

Awareness of the structure of communication is a must. See we enjoy true awareness