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Rien….. was t prachtige zinnetje van Louis xvi
Louis XVI, the Royal Hunt and Bastille Day

When Louis XVI wrote in his diary Rien (“Nothing”) on July 14, 1789, it did not mean that the King was oblivious to the events in Paris. On the contrary he had taken measures to prevent the unrest, in particular by posting foreign regiments in and around the capital. Those measures proved unsuccessful, and even counterproductive, but it is undeniable that Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette were extremely concerned.

Naar de maatstaf van Maslov moesten we wel aankomen bij zelfverwerkelijking ….
Clare Graves zou in the spiral dynamics test nog een stapje verder gaan in de identificatie van gedrag ten opzichte van maslov…. De holistische non materiele wereld is irrelevant en slechts perspectieven…. Daar gaan we weer met Trance en hypnose… wat je voor werkelijkheid houdt
The skill to ananlyse true nature like Frans van Waal… make beautiful books like Andrew Zuckermann….lovely music like Laura Marling… what he wrote….
As long as you have the skill and strength do so
Never ever take politics or schools serious.