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a brief announcement of

an upcoming seminar

on hypnoses and trance


One cannot get that deep into a trance that you wake up to life… you might mistakenly perceive

Ok lets put it like this: deconditioning, dehypnotizing so you start designing.. might be an outcome and skill

we know

If you take it, anything, serious you are lost. Lost in the wilderness of ethics. The fast moving but small universe of human opinions.

Hence you could live the unique beauty of any moment, -the silent unfolding of any life form, or so we might observe artform- that brings a tingling … a shiver that we just can multiply but not catch.


We know that it certainly does not say anything about the possible disgusting stupidity of mankind to ruin any living creature or moment.

To be involved with trance, you at any rate stop doing the causality stupidity.

Next to that you might experience more then just dreams and suggestions

hypnoses and trance, as anything, does not have to make sense but more give you a sense of being