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Everything of value is defenseless

So we come on this planet. In time as we learn to perceive it… in a blink of the universes eye… we come and go. Billions of cells without a remote control. Without notion of the sense of the play we are dropped in. Mostly ending  with a Deus ex machina. As so many fight with ‘the meaning’ of life. Confronted with horrible scenes of immense pain. Love being the confirmation of the very essence of being alive. The wave, the energy, the soft touching of minds and bodies… the loving eyes that meet… the expression, demonstration of skills after long practicing. Oh beauty. Feeling, sensory awareness… experiencing fundaments the essence…hence not the meaning…

On this planet, -part of an immense universe that in its turn is part of an even more immense spectrum-, stupidity has driven people to ‘ownership’. We ‘own’ land, water, air, mountains, kids, women or men. Thoughts and ideas. We are ‘owners’ of our own thoughts. There are certain people who restrict the freedom of others, with weapons and the most horrible force. They fight about having a certain ‘nationality’. Being part of a certain sport or music culture.

On the other hand life is what we have. How every mystic it might be. Still many do not want to fight for what life can be… they are, not standing up for nothing. Do not collect knowledge and awareness… therefor often know dick shit about nothing….hence they quote aphorisms. When asked where the quote or attitude comes from: ‘I just like it, that is it’

Then they look at me as if I was doing the gunfight at the O.K. corral

We learn in due time…do not try to prove nothing. Next to ownership there is this strange item that is called ‘I believe’ … often repeated in the own head it becomes…’I know’ .

Although content is depended on the context and all we act/think/do are directly part of a past that cannot be shared. You cannot take them back to moments you were in.

You are not the boy with the passionate set of thoughts , dances and moves…. Ready to adapt to any situation… in a way of speaking… living like a hunter.  When I was 15. Where I took decisions and acted in a flash. This is the third thing: decision making

“Look I am not justifying anything I did… I have asked for forgiveness  to whom it concerns”, is the line that showed up in my brain after certain people kept on addressing that ‘I was raised wrong’…’Did not learn to do this or that’…’That I am traumatized’ (as if they had been there all the way… and… what could possibly be the goal of these remarks)

Not only to me. I take the … ‘talking to me’ as an example… a playful game looking through the windows of ignorance into the living-room

To arrange and as justification for words said…people took in the suggestion that they are rational thinking creatures they took in the ethics. Good-bad. Do’s and don’ts. Religions and the peoples moral. History has painted that every day a new discovery creates a new world.

Still on an individual level there are ‘The back stabbing cowards’ that with …preferably… a Christian moral… try to crucify you are the same who were spitting on Jesus

There is a time that I just want to shut my eyes so I not see the things I saw.

But there are things you cannot close your eyes for.

I started working in psychiatry when I was 20. In the time that R.D. Laing stated that we all had to go to the phase of insanity to come to sanity. Without being clear what sanity is.

In the timeframe we live in every street corner seems to turn into a classroom… all teachers around. Everybody knows everything around here

Normal friendly advise … whether you asked for it or not, sometimes verbal other with staring eyes of disapproval

No solution or direction. No friendliness only judgment. The moment they have to give public statements about what they ‘think’ they hold their breath (unfortunately not long enough)

There is no call for the context. Even if there was some notion that the context leads… it is a part and perception…they say… to justify their stupid opinion.

Yet if I turn the image. On a one to one base, where I encountered  people they were soft about life. They realize it is a play… still not a theater. Future or past being hallucinations… might be… question is which BIAS keeps you going. So impressed by storytelling and myths as we are… as individuals one on one most share their passion and doubts

Crito, Plato’s book, pointed it out so clearly… al can be rationalized.

As a human being…an old soul…an artist…you write to express not impress. Same goes for musicians, scientist, artist and for all who know to be humble towards life itself.

It is hard to be humble when you believe you are the best… in your own eyes.

My suggestion is to expand your perception. Show respect to friends, teachers, people who experience the limitations we have as humans.. still achieve the growth of sensory acuity… of other means to communicate… to observe and translate to serve and share

The power of insecurity or ‘Be sure enough to be insecure’ … The big paradox in life. We know that change is evident. We also want to hold on to what we cherish and love.

The lower the sense of existence, the more people talk about karma. Even worse a ‘bigger’ entity like God or something similar…’the universe’… is dictating how what happens.

Naturalism, fatalistic and deterministic. An interesting hiding away of having something to do as a real task.

There is a silence, a gap between many eyes blinking. A moment where we cannot think. Do not want to understand not explain. Where you hear hearts beat… sense the skin. The heart rhythm variation. The softness of the rippling water. Feel the feet whilst the sea lights up in the evening moonlight. Where our arms moved, the millions of stars glittered in the waves

I promised never to talk about the past no more. At least not in a serious tone of voice as if I remembered what was. Storytelling is o.k.. Facts and fiction in role playing.


The new sun


Sit down… comfortable

In the sand near the sea

Near water

Hear the sound of the waves

Feel the breeze on your skin

Taste the salt in your mouth

Touch the sky

Look…look way over the horizon and realize there are worlds out there

See the stars… whilst realizing that half of the number you see are not there anymore


Whisper soft in gratitude

Then be silent again and again