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Just a few lines about a road

We have been teaching for centuries about how to socialize. How to adapt to a society that has the essence of a Zoo. With Zoo keepers. Asif Aldous Huxley was a messenger of the Universe pointing out what the small range of so called freedom would be. Nobody really knows nothing. What is dominating is the repeating of certain lines colored up by other sensory aspects. So far that now only media, movies and games are owners of peoples realities. Everything seems a theater. A Stage, with Shakespeare. Unable to cope, with the words of Pascal, with mortality.


I have had a lonely life. But am not alone in that… we did not choose ignorance towards any kind of sensory awareness. Let alone leaving the sweetness of life and death… of energy.

Soft skins, wrinkles in the face of a grandmother. The waving tail of a dog. The smile of my lovely daughter. The loners, observers, voyeurs in the nicer sense… embrace without the urge to know.

Justice or peace are words of an institutionalised world that has left the charm of attention.

Bureaucracy kills any kind of actual ability to realize that life is about poetry. Each and every moment is to be enhanced with greater intuition, – reflective abstract consciousness-, where thinking is left out.

If we relate and connect in the fullest of emotions, without the urge to define it in a certain word, we communicate in silent warm sensory journeys.

Vuja de, seeing with new eyes… (Proust 1900) is barely what we are talking about. We are way beyond phenomenology…(Heraclites) although nothing is the same and perspective defines just the moment. Most systems that should be tour guides do not function… schools….health systems at the beginning of the list.

My senses are uncut open. A lot of moments in the day I know that I have to struggle my way in to what most people hold for reality. Using, as I feel it, different screens in my head and body to dissociate from quasi ethical rubbish that humanity is producing.

As a youngster I dreamed… Dancing, doing martial arts, reading, writing, taking pictures…talking with the stars… smelling the sea salt water wind. Walked miles and miles. Biked and biked. Sat at the Sea side 4 days a week. Talked with butterflies, birds, horses, goats, children, people, clouds and trees without uttering a word.

This silent mode has been my savior.

Chitter chat was not and is not my cup of tea.

Literature, brilliant movies and last but not least diving in the altered states of conscious with soft hypnoses technics…. Gave me the gift to guide people individually and in groups… to a senses driven esthetical life.

Some workshops I designed tell the story to the direction you might guide your awareness in  along the road.

It is a vocabulary and grammar that opens doors and drifts your senses far beyond the 2 dimensional observation of most.

Realize and design beauty; Create you own myth and heritage; the power of insecurity; recipes for happiness; Lifestyle as an Attitude; Know-less…increasing intelligence by thinking less; Altered and emotional state control; SOIL…. The science of intuitive living.


Trust me there is no causal historical relief. The fact that a large part of the Western world is stuck for 2000 years in de stupidity of the Greek and Stoa (Seneca, Marcus Aurelius)… -in an ego observational insanity that does not connect… neither stimulate growth…- does not turn it into a tangible worthwhile life approach.


Design aesthetic as a producer. Start with the alpha brain.  Go way up in the sky… dive deep into the sea… flow with the wind…. Feel the stones of a building. Embrace the design of a forest. Share any emotion in depth and search for themes that enhance love, growth, inspiration and life.


Me I am just a loner…an ordinary kind of human who’s heart never left the myth and fragility life carries with itself.


We might not know a lot, hence we can shape the vibration that embraces the essence of life.

Cor speaking at a seminar