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Robert Moore and Douglas Gilette talk about rediscovering the archetypes of the mature Masculine

Their means to that end are the roles of





It is the title of their book. It does not surprise us that there is a Jung adapt at work.

As much I historically respect Jung, it is hard to take his archetype approach serious.

And just here we are at the essence of many problems…’You are like that…’ ‘It is your character and your nature’

And more of these beautiful lines

My suggestion is that you read

‘The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge’ by Rainer Maria Rilke

It will put Jung where he belongs….

Carlos Castaneda had a few lines in his psychedelically book The learning of Don Juan…More open and slightly insane … fun to read

We could need our imagination, -as any actor does- to find your own of masculinity… but only in relationship to a woman. Might be nice to play the woman once in a while…

It is complete nonsense to learn to swim without water… You might gain the techniques but not the required skills. Like Moore and Gillette suggest…

As you might have guessed I love Method acting and Live Acting Role playing. It is talking… moving in a different voice, timbre, tempo, depth, place, strength and so on… Sing with every song… move the emotion… dance to it… how slow or quick the movement.. a full adaptation of the role will stretch your emotional flexibility…. Mean whilst your pelvic floor

So here we are back to the altered states of consciousness.

And must continue about that