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A deeply rooted believe in me

Made me an observer

I must have been 12 or even younger

A voyeur if you want to call it that

the believe was and Is that I cannot connect to anybody

I just did not and mostly do not a want it

the good news is that I have been in a lot of different worlds


Now I realize that we are what we create

Hence we hang out with the wrong peer group

Time is valuable and abstract


Lots of people believe that WE as a human race

Therefor the content of our life…, where we are concerned with

What gets our attention

they believe that we or they ….Are the measure of things

more or less:

That the essence of our life corresponds with what others say about you


                                             A  guy: you need to understand that you need to watch your words…


Mean whilst judging round and about everybody

day goodbye to opinions

perception is protection