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The lightness of being or the existence- weighs…

So move…. How do we accelerate out of discomfort…into happiness…?

In simple German : how do I stay happy and avoid hanging around in unhappiness to long

Do not confuse unhappiness with experiencing the intensity of life emotions that really belong to life…. Like sorrow, grief, anger…. But for everything is a certain timeframe and it should not be forever…

Personally I detest the ‘be optimistic’ statements …mostly that is lack of empathy and information… and trust me I am as much future and creation driven as can be.


About people

First of all… as painful as it may sound. As hard as it is …. to get it into our system. There are people with completely different sets of ‘moral’ values….where honesty, justice, upbringing are not the subject they are guided by. A family with 4 children… not in school, extremely aggressive, steeling…. Mother alone…. Steeling… still she sees the outside world as criminals and insane. God knows what to do with such people. They mostly find their own peer-group with obvious the same kind of behavior…. Isolate themselves … live partly from social services…. Teachers are wrong, employers are wrong, neighbors are wrong and so on. To go short criminals. That might also be the white colored so called well educated ones… it can happen in many places in very different places in society…We might whisper that many politicians belong to the group who have lost their heart and only focus on their job… there are no feeling of passion or sense of justice … a cultivated act that they really ‘believe’ in themselves. It is like football-supporters who hang in front of the t.v. so often that they believe they can play the game themselves.

History has shown terrible examples of stupidity and insanity. It is therefor lightly to understand that psychology and philosophy in the 19e century came to its existence in the way it did. If your basic believe is that ‘people have positive intentions and are ‘good’’… the focus will be on excuses and explanations… even therapy to bring them back to sanity as you believe it good be.


So that being stated that we can encounter criminals at any level…. it stays our focus to ‘kill the dragon when it is small’… follow another route as soon as you notice that there is something fishy about the communication you encounter isolation is the only way to get rid of this scum. Free yourself from being the analyst or psychologist for insane egocentric behavior that does not serve you and does not make you happy. As you notice I use strong words as I believe it is vitally important to leave ego’s that want ‘correct’ you instead of serving you.


History now had made clear shit will hit the fan…question is how to go along with it. Another important lesson to learn is the influence of the peer-group you have. The more positive and better the peer group the better your life is. Let it be one filled with love and understanding.


Having stated all this, let us restart and refocus … we are here instructing based on another theme

In itself it is pretty worrying that many people have the obsession with the urge of defining any situation where you are in. As an art of participating observation…. (Margarethe Mead) where we loose momentum and the essence of the now… seeing say our experience…is down the drain with their analyses.


But ok. We are just exploring some fields of perceptions and ways of acting as they were and are… from a wider distance… less into the moments… more into the play… as Shakespeare says… the world is a stage…. Me myself add… it is a play…. Adapt to your role and be playful.  

There are people who state that any situation is a beginning or signal for new behavior..

Very much a therapeutic approach to life… a life long learning…. .. if there are enough observers there is always something to find that ‘they’ see as room for ‘improvement’. being happy and grateful makes it easier..

Simple happiness and being satisfied … overruled by this obsession.


There are, typical 70 ties, books full of definitions about when one is ‘happy’ or ‘satisfied’ . in groups and at university they put long definitions on paper… these were over taken by psychologist and mean-whilst part of our sub liminal awareness. Terrorism does not start just like that…


Contrary to how i approach life … here I want to change … or set so you will… your mindset

Delete negative people and the so called social sciences that dominated many lives from 1800 on forward

the lightness of being or the existence- weighs… for a lot of people

we want to address the lightness of being. The soft loving lightness…

Our purpose, ideology and meaning is to make /let …us experience the cool part of living say

the miracle that life is

One part of you as always a connection … a wire so you want …to the unknown energy field…what we do not directly perceive with our senses but that influences us…. Without us knowing the direction

i know as you know there are framers… the people who purposely try  to install pressure, fear and negativity… it might be theories that are based on ‘their’ vision…it is all o.k. except when you see and feel your world get smaller


the guidelines  for a world worth living in are simple

  • Does what you perceive make you happy
  • Is it entertaining
  • Do you experience growth


The self-observation that psychology (psychiatry) forced into our lives… together with the 19e century philosophy, political – economic- society (laws) orientation have made our world smaller and directed many people’s perception on ‘earthly’ issues with all  kind of useless assumptions

Look at history in at somewhat wider perceptive. Every time has its own identity… books, music… lectures… but… realize that any other is not more than you… you have the ability and the potential to create your own world and identity… you do not need to let others direct your universe


Ok ok, it sounds complex if you want to understand it.. every moment has so many elements, perceptions … so many distractions… opinions…. Next to that your own experiences…

So the content is very seldom the part to share… it is the context that we can create.. the party that makes us celebrate…

If  you want to share…. Be inspired and share your inspiration… your skills… your excitement

Of  course there is conceptual art many more elements you could take into account… the power is to limit the field. It is like a menu chard. Limiting the ingredient stimulates the creativity… choose a theme

That is an issue… it is simply complex…. Our attention span is very very poorly. Easily distracted… lots of ‘new’ impulses surround and attract us


One of the steps to enjoy the weigh of lightness  is Emotional State Control… there means are


  • Intellectual:

                                                            Understanding pattern and values (Beliefs, etc.)

  • Emotional:

                                                            Feel: here you install new pattern with

  • memes,
  • Incantations
  • Physical patterns
  • Giving it meaning to what you do


  • For yourself
  • For environment


  • Core: sharing experiences…


  • Knowable at the deepest level


  • Physical:
  • Create more new now’s … turn them into habits that you sense in every cell with excitement and pleasure.
  • Repeat proud behavior in different contexts


  • Dehypnotizing
    • Step in and out of anything (basic believe) that keeps (kept) you in trance
    • We have been part of the self-doubting generation…. Where good people like you have been forced into self-analyses because of lesser Gods with a bigger ego
    • Notice, with every sense, the beauty of trance… with paintings, music, landscapes, architecture, food, dancing, clothing … everything that touches your soul


  • Designing
    • You are the designer of your life do not make it bigger or smaller let it be what it is.
    • Gratitude turns what you have into enough