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It must have been 1999, 2001 and  2002 I was with Deepak Chopra… we first met in Scheveningen… after that weeks in Carlsbad California. I did all kind of seminars. Primordial sound meditation, Synchrone Destiny, Remote Viewing (with David Morehouse… psychic Warrior) and much more.

I was addicted, up to 2012 I went to seminars by Robert Dilts,  Stephen Gilligan, Byron Katie, Tad James, Paul Mckenna, Tony Robbins, Roger Callahan (tapping),  Richard Bandler….and many other so called self help Guru’s… From LA, Florida, Florence, London to Edinburgh or Amsterdam… next to all universities I visited where knowledge was the primary target… here the adaptation and transformation was more important.

From NLP, Design Human Engineering, Thought Field Therapy, Date with Destiny, Master University, Time line therapy to neuro hypnotic repatterning and Hypnoses… and Shamanism…..the 4 questions-the work…Byron Katie,  the journey Brandon Bays….all after I studied history, theology and psychology…

To go short I was an addict. A grateful student… if it is about skating, squash, tennis or any other skill …photography,  singing, cooking…. I love learning to interact in such way…therefor did a lot of courses and workshops… as I can advice you to do also… just dive into a new world…It gives new neurological networks and a lot of energy. Body and mind in shape to adapt to any situation.

Now I have been ill for quite a while. Thank God it is over. Healthy as a fish again. It was the bodies way to urge me to reset and refocus. As I obviously love creativity, positivity and focus on creating.

As a youngster I was always writing, making sport and dancing… In action you do not have to seek for meaning it lies directly in the activity… the intensity rewards with sensory experiences that color your life…

 For the last couple of years I have been living more or less on the countryside in the Middle  of Germany… where learning and personal development are not the issues where people are concerned with.  

As a matter of a fact I needed some time to figure out what people are living for here…. TV? Repeating what is in the ‘newspapers’ and talking about the weather… A very small realization of the value of elegance, development and learning as I was so used to in the ‘business’ university world.

It sometimes felt like a tragical misconception of life’s possibilities and a lack of introspection, if you ask me. The smaller the universe the more ‘right’ people believe they are

On the other hand it is how it is…there is nothing negative about it we have a choice. It is their lifestyle I am just a guest… although there is a little sense of ‘Deliverance’ the movie from 1972…. Or ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner‘ a 1967 movie. I feel and felt at the end of a track…where i had to reevaluate what I perceived about the meaning of life.


As I came here I went from international coach – consultant to owner of a Café Restaurant with music and lectures. A life space more or less where people meet and share.

The illness brought me to the awareness that I really love and need… travelling, exploring and sharing….

So I turned back to tapes, cd’s, books and dvd’s… took contact with some of the people mentioned above… overviewing what learning and adaptation is.

Contemplating about what is life about for you.

There it was that I saw myself again sitting in a seminar room with Deepak…In Carlsbad California….

As you are longer than a few days in seminars, circling around a certain theme.. you come in the learning state… the alpha state…it is hypnoses… trance in a way.. just like university or school is… I love it…

It was there that these questions were asked…

  • Close your eyes….
  • Sit comfortably…
  • Relax the muscles in your face, neck, body….
  • Feel yourself breathing…in….though the nose… out through your mouth…
  • Ask yourself….


Why am I here…?

Why are you here?

Why am I here…?

Who are you….

Who am I really…

Who am I really…

The process took around 2 hours…(and we did it a few times a week) deeply into these repetitive questions….

It brought tears, laughter, silence and connecting in many ways… you will feel your body, sense the air around you… can almost touch the untouchable

How to find and live your meaning

Learn to listen to your gut feeling

Listen to your body and mind

Step by step moving boundaries

Moving forward


Life is fragile…a miracle… perhaps a gift… for sure life is not a therapeutic program where you should collect feelings of guild….

I learned to sacrifice… step out of what I thought I knew… develop

Learn to listen to yourself

Find purpose in everything that you do

Purpose brings momentum


The last decades we seem surrounded by all kind of Guru’s who proclaim to know things better… although at first sight it does not look that way … for instance The power of the Now… it is a negative reference for many who sit on the couch torturing themselves that they not value and experience the ‘now’. A horror show.

Every emotion is one. Every Significant Emotional Event (SEE) shapes your life. The art is to identify, experience and utilize the impact.

So the questions: why am I here…. Who am I really…

Lead the way to opening up awareness about possibilities… new neurological connections…. More intense experiences

It opens up the sub modalities of your senses… your nerves, limbic system … so you can enter the void whilst visualizing new life designs….

Mean whilst -almost feeling the tears role over your cheeks- the very special essence of life… connecting to yourself and everything around you … opening yourself for people and the world around you…intimate and soft… creating more new now’s…

The ability in intensify life’s journey keeps you connected … gives you a sense of warmth and belonging

Why are you here? What makes you happy? How are you sharing that?

My café I have turned into a real third place (1 is home, 2 is work, 3 is where you meet and share) where people can meet and share their experiences, culture and knowledge… as tangible as possible…

Always share it with yourself and your loved ones.

Life is a sensory journey