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Let us talk about life.  Your life and my life. Our life! The times of our lives. How we spend it, what we do. When we are healthy, when we are in love, when we are terribly ill.

When we are in the streets, at home.. where ever we are we are living. Everywhere you go, there you are. Beyond our 5 senses connected with something bigger and with our 5 senses intense connected to our world.

Next to the senses we have our thoughts and feelings. Feelings because of what we experience with our senses externally or because what we think or feel internally.

If we just take lung cancer and Heart failure

We come strongly in the top 3 of causes of death. Illnesses we can partly prevent with a certain lifestyle.

How easy would it be to do what most parents want:

  • Move a lot, sport
  • Be creative
  • Read and think
  • Eat healthy
  • DO NOT smoke
  • Do Not drink too much alcohol
  • Stop eating fat and sucker based stuff
  • Show empathy for the world around you
  • Make sure you know what you want

We would wish that most parents gave the right example…

The more grown up:

  • Do not pollute the planet
  • Do not eat too much meat
  • Take the bike train or walk when you can
  • And so on

One way or the other we managed to get older and older, in spite of the so called nasty habits.

An other question would be: do you get the most out of life? Do you really get what you deserve?


We know since the 60 ties there are big big numbers of children dying under 15. Very much depending on where they grow up. Content is context dependent 

Same more or less with Corona, the environment and economical-medical situation are very important (next to having been ill and having a certain age) and often maintained by the so called first world.

For children worldwide the number lies around 9 million a year, when under 15. (Corona will probably not reach the 1 million). 

‘Nothing spectacular’. We have heard it so often, about the children …. Repetition can also lead to cluttering and we than shut up when we do not know what to do about it anymore.

Certain is that ‘politics’ and big companies (Apple, Micro soft, Shell and many others) could and can do something about the work and life standards in certain countries, that would make that the health situation would improve. But obviously next door is near and Afrika is far.

With Corona we see that the governments lose the sight of ‘Content is context dependent’ . We see generalisations in measurements  and actions that are unbelievable speculative and far beyond what should be. Even worse ‘the authoritarian’ has found his identity again. Goodbye Erich Fromm.

But we know: If the hat says ‘Guard’ then a lot of people act like one. Never in history there has been so much agreement and sameness in measurements on a political level as in this so called Corona crisis.

Now we so are so into the subject of health.. or is it economics? Or Politics?

Politics for sure they set out all kind of restrictions for the personal life of individuals and certain companies. 

 Statistic tell us that 85% of the population does not know a thing about politics let alone who is representing who why. Perhaps 2 % is more or less active in trying to influence the process long term. And they are ruling our life???

What we are experiencing now is a financial and an economic crisis. India and Africa will face a disaster, hunger and poverty. So not only Europe and the United States will face unemployment and a radical change of the market. There is no doubt about that in my book. We see it coming but keep on going with stupid square meter freedom killers for people here. Politicians want to take decisions and be important. 

There is a crisis. Although politicians and newspaper people claim different, panic is there  and rationality is gone. Irrationality is rationalised. Every decision is driven by a ‘what if’ mentality. Drawing the worst possible scenario’s

The corona virus will be gone for certain in 2 years, but the decisions made based on the moment that it was there… these will remain. They will find another us or context for the app’s, people and laws.

There is no use fighting or protesting. There is something bigger than ourselves going on here. ‘They’ as in certain companies (FB, Google, Microsoft, Amazon) and governments know already what we buy, our habits, where we are, our heartbeats and desires.

All with focus on mediocrity, on sameness. Where we know that big arts, music, paintings, poems and such came from individuals. Personalities. Not from the fast majority or as they are called the laggards. We need the pioneers and early adapters.

Are we going to live in a world where we ‘behave’ according to particular people who  benefit from it, who live from it…. whilst we lose half of our personal life?

Are we to much focussing on the society and let we go of spirituality and the univers. Are we going to act like Gods?

It is not a question. We can be sure. You should not be a ‘risk’ or you will identified and changed. It is a scary scenario. It is like in music, movies and books:

  • One Flew over a Coocoo’s nest
  • There only making plans for Nigel 
  • 1984
  • Body snatchers
  • The brave new world.

These 5 examples are horror scenario’s  that have been installed in a certain generation who build up the states to where they are now.

Proud on their ‘Freedom’, to drink, produce, eat and do what they liked. Even if it destroyed others or the world…or even themselves with liquor and food. We wish it was different, but alas there are mothers who try to ruin the life of their own child. With food, thinking, bad habits and sheer jealousy that the child is more than they ever will be.

Most did not care. ‘Freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose (J. Joplin)’.  Why be proud of it? Not because the choice but because it was all excepted by people, companies, governments to do so. There was hardly any personal choice making with empathy. Systems, religions, political believes and many other things overruled the personal thinking. The result is there. Tricks of the mind we might call it but it is reality.


I, together with a Cardiologist,  give seminars with the name:

The beauty and power of insecurity

Be sure enough to be insecure

Taking control over your body, mind, immune system, finances, spirituality, learning and future. Communication and learning skills that you will benefit you in many ways

So you can be sure enough and strong enough to be in control of your own life.

You can learn about Hypnoses and trance. That might come in handy in understanding what is happening here. 

Trance is having the focus on one thing whilst excluding other things.

At Least consciously…