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Do fall in the sighs of nature’s own spell. Attend the spaces in between. Access them. You know when you blink your eyes, somewhat like 20.000 times a day, there is this gap… the time in between…wherein you cannot ‘think’. The same goes for the space between 2heartbeats …. The Heart Rhythm Variation… there is silent communication that -we might not rationally notice- but can measure … it gives an indication of the state of your being

How children are made is clear, at least the process. The notion of momentum and the importance of love are not always clear. What is consciousness ?

Women ‘fool’ a man, just because ‘they’ want a ‘child’ that they more or less treat like they own it. What is the urge for identity thing? Is their life empty without? Mean whilst the sun is shining on one part of the earth where on the other the moon lightens up the sky. It seems so dark out there…. But there is a lot going on…In between for seconds we breath in the rebellious energy bust of a universe, were at the same time others breath out and share. There is synchronicity . We only know what we know and that does not lighten up the universe. Still something is happening, in-for-mation travels in real time.

There are thousands of methods, many tools, bibles and religious- and management books as also many pedantic truths. Still the question remains: what really drives people to move and adapt too new behaviour? Neurologically not simple is now said, after all we are in the age of hard facts and measurability. What is the way of life?

I am a simple facilitator and tour guide. As curious as can be. Realizing the mythical degree of the thing we call ‘LIFE’. Where people come and go and most are involved with competing with each other over ‘a way of life’.

La Vida (A Puerto Rican Family in the Culture of Poverty—San Juan and New York, 1966)

 by Oscar Lewis, an American anthropologist… talks about “the culture of poverty and the common adaptations to common problems”.

Adaptation creates a way of life.

It is worth reading as a picture of a time frame where Lewis -a bit of a Marxist- stated that this culture was to be seen across borders and nationalism. “A way of life”, is the somewhat nicer statement that indicates our level of adaption and sameness -worldwide- in dealing with certain circumstances.

Poverty means often financial poverty.

We are now 60 somewhat years ahead and it is hard to imagine and admit that poverty now a days is more and ethical or aesthetical issue. As in most western countries we could talk about the unimaginable lower middle class who -in their search for security- loose all sense of development.

My mum was alone with 2 kids in 1959, living in a home from the salvation army. My real father was no were to be found. She was 19 years old. There are fathers who care and fathers who do not care. The basic beliefs were simple: nobody is going to help. “If you are born for a dime, you will never be a quarter” meaning that if you are not born in a rich family you will stay the way you are and never will be and earn more. ‘Sex, drugs and rock and roll’ . ‘Studying is not for us, we are workers’.

It came with all aggression, fighting, drinking, steeling and early aged sex as shown in La Vida. I read La Vida when I was around 22 and knew it was a part of the reality shown in my past. I found an other ‘way of life’ in studying and researching why people do what they do and in music, art and literature. So I observed and studied. Acted upon my deep respect for all that is and the curiosity. I started to notice positive synchronicity. But stayed a realist.

Therefore i write and love to share some of the learnings i had.

Most people adapt quickly and let the last rule be the new reality. I live in Germany, but it is not only there that now in 2020 people let their minds, thoughts and actions be dominated by the thing called Corona.

Although a virus mutates, although the treatments are improved, although the numbers show in most countries a completely different picture in October as in March the response is for 80 % the same. People narrow down their thinking and analytical capabilities and choose to be led by paid job hunting politicians and journalist.

Where in Puerto Rico for the mother with her many husbands and children a sort of survival mechanism came into play that was stunning for the middle class. Now we see a stunning theater and adaptation in what is to be found in the new common vocabulary:

‘New Normal’; ‘Social distancing’ , ‘Mouth mask’, ‘Stick to the law’ ‘the majority believes it and therefor you should 2’

In La Vida the ‘poor’ people distrusted the government, hated the police, and were uninvolved in politics and social organizations.

As Steven Dike says in his article about La Vida: the culture of poverty instilled a unique and destructive psychology and set of attitudes in the poor. …

Now, in 2020,  we notice it is the other way around by the huge (lower) middle class (mostly with little education but just enough money to wash their car every week and go on a holiday 2 times a year) being a snitch is almost an honour. You need to watch the neighbours’ who will defend any politician or government and rapport you when you have an other opinion.

So the new way of life is that illiterate people will hunt you down, without any reasonable scientific ground. Politicians have a job and no specific skill. So you might think and talk to much about this virus issue and the behaviour that is developing in the direction of obedience.


Interesting in this respect

The Chosen is a novel written by Chaim Potok was published in 1967

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a novel written by Ken Kesey in 1962 

about ‘outcasts’

In 1961 stanley milgram experiment obedience to authority tells us still a lot about the ability to listen to your own soul

You are ‘the authority’. You are responsible for fact checking. You live your life. If you do not watch it, -in between talking about the ‘virus’ and all nonsense around it- insanity is happening. In a blink of an eye, in the gap of defocusing, life happens.

In Holland we have Hugo the Jongh and Rutte. Both people who just want power. De Jongh without academical background reading statistics… (sic). In America even worse. But look all over the world at politicians. It is a sub culture with their own way of life. Disrespecting what life is really about. Now diminishing the essence of the universe and its energy. They believe we need ‘laws’ to correct us.

It cannot get more insane. But realize:

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”


Other then in La Vida where the ‘poor’ people distrusted the government, hated the police, and were uninvolved in politics and social organisations.

Now the Politicians and most Journalists deny the freedom of individuals, lack social organisations, believe that the government is superior