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A genious is somebody who discovers new things in a different way

The beauty and power of insecurity

Be sure enough to be insecure

A brief introduction to a course we have been giving for 15 years. A teaser, so that you come to think about it and work with us.

Insecurity could lead to fear.. 

What kinds of fear do we know… Accept for dying, being abandoned, being judged by others, for the unknown, of making the wrong decisions, that you will not make it, that you do not earn enough, loose friends, of having to little self-confidence, no status, no friends, or just the fear of missing joy in your life

 Paul Verhoeven: ”Insecurity brings creativity!”

Robbert Dijkgraaf: ‘A life with no excuses is the most difficult life there is’

Everything and every moment  is new. Knowing makes the world small.

Everything changes with the speed of light…. You also, as the image you have from yourself that you perceive as the reality.

If you hear a song often, you hear the same and perceive and hear something different.

More than ever you are responsible, you serve yourself, your emotions and organise your  chooses

If you want to be successful in any way. You need a huge wardrobe. You need to able to dress for any occasion.

The era we are in asks leadership has to be interpreted  as leading yourself in what you do and want. Deciding is your level of adaptation, that requires planning and a overview.

it involves…. Mind…. Body…. Spirit … Health…. Finances… love life… work… Wellbeing

Gold has is own melting point …. Water boils at… Everything has it’s origin but not the form or context

Freedom is a huge discipline. Meaning YOU organize. We see and experience pure pragmatism around us…tells us that ‘vision’ and ‘planning’ need to be defined different… You decide or others take over.


The force od insecurity knows  2 sides, both we will show

  1. The stimulating force that brings energy
  2. The paralyzing force that brings stagnant

Serve yourself and the world. Life style as an attitude, that is what we say. In every cell and every thought you should be aligned. Take control over your own, mind, body, soul, finances and life. Identify, measure and develop

The time is there to be in control to create the freedom you really can enjoy.


  • it is an emotional state. It is often a perception mostly abstract, where people let the irrational emotion take over the situation, they lose the ability to think clearly and perceive it as negative. This perception courses a lot of unnecessary stress
  •  lots of people value insecurity as negative
  • Whilst it is positive in many ways:

Not knowing opens the space for experimenting


  • Has been and is a important theme in peoples live
  • Mostly abstract and undefined. So lets us define the ‘playfield’
  • Is causes people to ‘hold on’ to ‘things/opinions/believes’ without looking at the moment and the changes

The conscious approach 2 reality is what we are looking at.

Use your brain, not as worrying machine and (human) compare machine, but to create awareness about what you are capable 2 do and 2 experience and how to get the best out of life

Any lifestyle asks for an attitude. It has this certain mind set where you reach out to expand yourself.

Everything we know… might help to adapt to a future you cannot predict.

Nothing is normal anymore. ‘Normal’ is what we repeated so often that it gave us the feeling of security. Normal in that sense is conditioning.

So you will experience change: great consciousness challenges. More changes the more new nows… Remember: never you are victim from circumstances.  You need to move an adapt. Be bigger… That is our focus.

Create a dashboard that you can manage.

The way you think, feel, feeding yourself is giving an outcome in your life.

Be happy if your believes are changing. You are awareness. Energy is never lost in the universe, so all that is within you. You need to shape that.

Are you going to be the future or the past’?

We know Insecurity can paralyze or can stimulate your creativity and boost you.

There is this paradox of children who play ‘hide and seek’. There are 2 fears… one that they find you and the other one that they do not find you.

Insecurity is most often irrational or as they call it ‘learned behaviour’ and may cause you to freeze, just then when movement and action are wanted.

Insecurity can become fear and have big consequences. Our  system is conditioned to protect us. In that respect you need to re-educate your system.

In the Falkland war 1982 around 1000 people died. 30 % from heart attack. FEAR.

Humanity is capable of insanity. History has shown it in all shapes and forms. You need to access your brain for a change.

We now life in a time where people are scared to breath to close to somebody else. The 1,5 meter society a Dutch Minister calls it. This really without a scientific backing.

Even worse research has shown that it is nonsense. As our brain does not know the difference between imagination and a what is real…, it takes everything is whole. Every inch and part is directly a whole picture in your head.

Think about somebodies nose…. And hoopla the complete person drops into your visualisation.

For sure you see the importance of visualisation and affirmation. Both create reality….

There are the more common issues in decision-making  Aristotle already said: ‘The decision you make will be followed by 20.000 in the course and line’.

Decisions shape your future

There are so many examples….for us the reason to assist you in taking control and enjoying your level of insecurity. Learning to take the right decisions.

In itself it is Ludicrous that we check on everybody and everything but our own body and mind in taking important decisions.

Go back to the basics.

Lots of people believe that insecurity is weakness. But how much more sensory awareness and nervousness did you have when you first kissed… You the for first time went to school….work… this experiences are there for ever…

When is the last time you did something for the first time?

For me the reason to start giving seminars about this subject, about 25 years ago, was in California. I studied psychology and hypnoses there and then, having been a teacher for 7 years already.

From San Francisco up to San Diego there was an awareness vibration going on. It were the late nighties.  I noticed: History repeats itself if we do not decide otherwise. 

There are hidden blessings and open doors of perception the moment you close one mind set. Of course you need to identify first.

I opened up in every sense of the way… realized there was a learning state… noticing that rationalisation often bounce back and limit us.

By nature I am a curious guy, want to try things out. Research and develop. I learned to use everything that I came across and respected everybody more than myself in being a specialist.

 I am and was impressed by everybody, wanted to research, get to know them. Look and talk from different angles. I cultivated curiosity and always noted the reaction of others …

I wanted and still want, to be useful and helpful for others. Have an meaningful life.

I read, tried, failed, tried again, and worked on myself. In mind training. In fitness. Starting to eat and perceive very conscious. Take time to react with more control. With a focus and a plan. Discovering that you are free when you choose.

Discovering that I could be in control over my response towards what happens to me.

Gratitude became my awareness

Breathing air and energy. Emotions, mentality I became stronger and more fragile and open.

I learned to see the real significant other and things that really gave me passion and Energy.

Realized it was possible that when you take few moments you can improve the quality of the life you love..

So the most import things in life are not things…. Show appreciation, gratitude.

I know I know we are conditioned in habits, creatures of habit… easy to change… but we need a focus and goal to realize what we perceive and could change to improve. Everything moves so be clear what you address. Remember we are talking about the power of insecurity.

As you know how extremely boring it is when all the curiosity and insecurity drop out and all is routine.

Your neurological path ways seek sameness. Is conditioned to feel trust and secure when familiar. Repetition creates the suggestion of reality but it might limit you big way. You procrastinate and are unhappy.

‘How can i be sure? Oh no,oh no, i do not have the courage to do go on stage.

Should i stay or go? As if life is black and white. Life is not bipolar.

Beresit…. Beginning? 

I was playing Squash with Robert Danen. I just began working as a trainer in companies. He was working as consultant. Both in our mid 30ties.

He said: ‘Go to the States, go and do seminars with James, Bandler, Chopra and concern yourself with Hypnoses, NLP and TLT, TFT. Change can go rapid.

I was pretty much a theory based man. Classical Philosophy, psychology, history and so on. Knowledge based, very much 19th century. ‘You got to know what your talking about’ was my rule and thought. He said:’ You need to know how you do what you do and why you are doing it’.

So I learned to ask questions, reasons, perceptions…realized that we are very complex beings that need structure and a path

The Proposition

Science is organized knowledge, wisdom an organized life

We provide you with the indicators and means to be in control. We guide you to sensory awareness, being soft and financially successful.

You will change and learn to change and keep it going

There is no way back only your future and the now. Might as well say create more new now’s

As having been a teacher  who after 7 years made a new step, leaving the security of job and income for what it was…. College’s: ‘Are you sure? Do you know what you leave behind?. ‘You have got guts, i would never dare to take such a step’.

If it is about getting married, divorcing, quitting a job or starting a new life some where else.

It might be what party to vote on, what car or house to buy. It is always the game between ‘security’ and ‘Insecurity’.

The future is yet to come and anything can change. Health, wealth, economics. You just cannot control it all. But you can make sure that you and your immune system are open and know how to adapt.

VERY sure is that we need to identify our development. To be aware of the new experiences.

We provide you with the tools to self-regulate… to make the transformation and to enjoy insecurity.

Settling the brain and body lives. The part of the unknown self that is what you have to excess. Which techniques, neo cortex (toolbox navigator in 3 dimensional  world)

Is conditioning, break open ..

Shut down you thinking brain and be open and stay conscious of your unconscious processes and senses. Slower the brain waves that will give you entrance…to the  learning state. In the Alpha state the inner and outer world are one.

See things as they are, not as you are…

 Amongst the techniques and software we use is the perfect bio feedback  ‘Heart coherence meditation… ‘The Heart math – meter’ .

 Breathing patterns modulate the heart’s rhythm, it is possible to generate a coherent heart rhythm simply by breathing slowly and regularly. We  say: measure and be convinced.

Connect to you, align your intention and attention. Notice your Mental strength and learn about neuro-phycological principles to reach your outcomes.

We guide you to be a sharp as a laser and not distracted.  Be open to new things, ways of doing things

You expand the level of your adaptability. To program your automimic nerve system, stimulate your body to create natural antigens , anti-bodies that protect

Just a few quotes.

All that we are is a result of what we have thought


Imagination is everything, it is a preview on what is about to come


Whether you think you can or you cannot, you are right

Reprogram you brain, manifest what you want… erase  limiting beliefs… Hemispheric manifestation

learn the value the dynamic (group) and create momentum to experience more

in controll

We guide you in the process to be happy inviting new senses and experiencing

It comes from the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and it’s about the limitations of trying to measure the position and momentum of subatomic particles… this only applies to sub-atomic particles—a rock doesn’t need you to bump into it to exist. It’s there. The sub-atomic particles that make up the atoms that make up the rock are there too.”

Insecurity is the condition for real renewal and creative solutions a conditions creating environment where you control the process and enjoy the content.


 Where you:

  • Are and stay the director of your own life
  • Control your Emotinal state, experience and optimize your potential
  • Discover and utilize the state of resourcefulness
  • Life balance assessment
  • Uniting brain, heart and soul
  • Intuitive living, a longer healthier life


It is the most modern HEALTH, Wealth AND WELLNESS PROGRAMME

The best medical and the best mental coaches assist you.

You can decide now to take better decisions.

The power of INSecurity = enjoying possibilities and experiencing life and really taking responsibility




Important points

  • your body is the source for happiness (input/output)
  • control internal dialogue
  • beyond the desire of understanding…
  • learning is unconscious process
  • an opinion is limiting you




Reality is in your body

Not in the head

Although the head seems 2 be part of the body



If you think you are not free in doing


Create the situation where you do not think!

(thinking as in observing yourself .. in the relation itself the observation is the 3rd process)

What is happening?

            Over estimating the brains function?

Or the value of the experience?