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Soften More

Was a line I heard in a seminar in L.A. In Anaheim to be exact. Just behind Disney Land.

I was out and about in California. In the United (Emotional) States. Not 18 anymore only 37.

A 8 week seminar on perception, communication, hypnoses and psychology.

As a child I spend hours looking at the stars. Could play with flies and butterflies lying in the field.

Listened to Al Green, Still in Love with you. Don Mclean’s Vincent. Roberta flack ‘the first time ever I saw your face’; Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘I am a Rock’ and lots of Hildegard von Bingen…

 Walked or biked to the sea in Katwijk and swam almost every evening.

Feeling of the water, the sand, hearing the warm whispering wind and the sound of the waves. Moved along with the bird who enjoyed the thermal. As if I was Jonathan Livingston seagull

The world had so much to offer for my senses and sensitivity. I more or less lived on my own ever since I was 13 and loved the possibility to be alone when I wanted. Later I mostly went on holidays, seminars and other trips alone.

My sensory awareness was my being. In my silent own world I could share it with writers and musicians. One way or the other I was never much a talker about my senses and sensitivity.

I believe that I still and better on stage in giving trainings, seminars or performances then being with people in a group directly. Mostly because I am a voyeur in the most positive thinkable way.

Deeply impressed by the phenomena called Life. Therefor by the aesthetical way of live.

So the subjects of sensory acuity and soften more were kind of strange to me. It was meant towards yourself mostly. Lots of people -and you might also recognize it are very harsh on themselves- not living their senses but captured by imaginary publics thoughts and opinions.

Most people are to much ‘civilians’ , members of a ‘State’ or ‘Country’, living by doctrines and laws they did not agree or design…. instead of being themselves.

Soften more is a lovely set of words. Create more new now’s… Enjoy your sensory acuity and sensitivity.

Be in Rapport with yourself: simply said that your intention (what you want or what you desire) and your attention (where you are focusing upon) are aligned. It includes, breathing, body posture and many other aspects. It all starts with using your senses and connecting value free towards what is happening around you and how you experience it inside you without observing yourself.

we will talk about it more here and as of the 6th of august in Cafe Hahn (