Life is a gift, cherish it with a smile – Marktplatz 1, 34560 Fritzlar, Germany – Phone: 0049 15731571439

Silence for the third place an orientation 

We create time and pleasure

Share moments where we inhale and exhale

Where we work, do research

Share feelings, laughter, thoughts, suggestions, art.

Where you can celebrate  your  anniversary, your success, your wedding, company party

So we are in a time frame that is new

If you go out to a café or restaurant… you move… the location to share your energy or to be on a place where others do so

You share

The time that we lock ourselves up in front of the tv in our own living room away from the world

Are over

We want to live life

Be inspired, be part and sometimes be alone in a public space


We want to eat decent food of choice

Healthy, low carb, vegan, honest meat and ingredients


We live in paying attention  for our wellbeing

With others and for our bodies

That means also party

Everyone has his own sound

Every start his own glow

New elements are to see at every new horizon

Although we tempt to see what is there that we already new