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A few years ago Ronald Reagan was President of the USA. The Congress confronted him with facts concerning his way of working. These facts spoke clearly against what Reagan issued. His historical line in front of the Congress was:

‘Facts are stupid things’

So much for decent argumentation. I as one do not very much believe that science holds all the answers. But it is the best alternative as bases for decisions. Deduction, induction, falsification, verification… should be at the least be involved. Now we have internationally people who have studied and think they take very good researched desicions . 

A tragedy.

In the Limelights the ego’s grow. Mean whilst something else is happening. 

In the western part of the world money and ego’s track are the initiators for trouble and blindness.

In Germany there is the RKI in Holland the OMT (outbreak management team). Well payed Politicians and pseudo scientist facilitate us with insane statistics and numbers.

Never before people were so frequently and without a proper test, tested. 

Let Politicians and civil servants make the plans…. all well payed, without any risk for themselves.

And let police officers beat up the people who do not agree with all the insane measurements. (mostly not the smartest people around but with 1 big skill: sensitive for authority.

In what world are we living? What is happening without us noticing it? Rutte in Holland believes he is a world leader and will be a positive part in the history books. As in other countries Politicians believe they are.

We know Holland and Germany sell guns and weapons to the Middle East. We know that Covid is by far not number 1 in large parts of Africa (33.000 a day only on Malaria next to HIV, Ebola, Poverty and Hunger) . In India the numbers are fake. 

Here we have a decent statistic from Sweden:

Number  of deaths in Sweden 2010-2020
The number of deaths in Sweden in 2020 amounted to about 72 thousand as of October 5. A share of the deaths in 2020 were related to the coronavirus epidemic. The highest number of coronavirus deaths were among individuals age 70 and older. 

It is not about taking a illness, like Covid serious or not. That would be insane. 
The tests are not valid. There is no clear % of people who died directly (is awful) from Covid. There are no clear statistics, like above from Sweden, that put things in perspective.
I am not very fond of politics, the so called law-and order people. Now is a moment to say STOP. 
They are killing the privacy of people, the ability to judge. They are spending money they do not pay or have themselves. They order people around. State that ‘most new numbers’ are from family situations. so therefor in the open air (where infection is almost impossible) we should be masked.
There is a list I could give which show the insanity of the choices. Red Mist, is the psychological word for the inability to look at facts.
But, but, but then again in my writing here I take all the stuff around Covid and the actions serious.
Mean whilst something else is happening.. question is what? 
Let is be clear: all people who take decisions are WELL PAYED and DO NOT suffer from any law change what so ever 
The killing Joke was the Dutch ‘King and Queen’. ‘We forgot that we locked you up and went to Greece ourselves… just on a holiday’ . It says it all. The King and Queen are the government.
wake up
facts are stupid things in this respect