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 There was rage and anger in me. It does not go that easily  because I keep on surprising myself about the stupidity of not having an decent research and letting pretty uneducated civil servants and ‘job’ focused politicians be in control.

 I believe that this March month is the month that will go into history as the one that publicly thoughts, contemplations about what and how in this life… dreams and deeds … art or poetry…. Science or esoteric… were blown back to a gloomy kind of survival-life. As a dis-ease got all the attention and broke down any other scope then this virus.

 The artistic-, the scientific- and intelligent ego have died here and now… the ego that manifested itself in all kind of beauty and science, discoveries and explorations…

Now the focus is on what is ‘good’ for the nation. On survival. Not of the fittest but of the citizens of ‘our’ nation. The civil servant, – who does not serve but only follows orders- is the proud identity that sets rules. The content of living is not relevant.

Where does all the panic come from and why let idiots gain an identity based on nothing but fear.

 Not at any point I would dispute the seriousness of death and illness because of this virus. (it is by far not as serious as the one 2 years ago). Hence there is reason to scratch behind your ear. Any other vision then the political leading is yet to be heard. That is NOT the right way.

Where is our individual freedom?

In the last 100 a lot of diseases were tackled… we  brought back the possible ways to die… so much,  that people are getting older and older… And therefor it is as not easy to die from a disease.

 It was not the children dying ratio (still 1 child under 15 dies every 6th second) that made the laws change and made Sheriffs out of normal politicians and civil servants. Around 9 million children a year die. Nor all the suffering in the so called 3th world… over decades, changed our behavior.


No there is the possibility that you might die from a flu.

 Let me be completely clear that I do take serious what the possible consequences might be of this corona thing. Although, except for Italy..: where the ‘lock down’ since 9 of March quite obviously did not work. And where Virologin Prof. Dr. Karin Moelling strongly advices against staying indoors. And where 90 % of the dead as claimed that most people who died were already ill.

 More than 99% of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions, according to a study by the country’s national health authority.

According to Prof Walter Ricciardi, scientific adviser to Italy’s minister of health, the country’s mortality rate is far higher due to demographics – the nation has the second oldest population worldwide – and the manner in which hospitals record deaths. 

A study in JAMA this week found that almost 40 per cent of infections and 87 per cent of deaths in the country have been in patients over 70 years old.


But we know numbers and figures do not say a thing. True lies damned lies and statistics.

There is no content without context.


An other  interesting  issue is the way we deal with life and death ourselves. What does the possibility of dying do with us… as we know we all die at one moment.

 It is not very likely, although possible, that 9 million people will die of this flu worldwide. As a lot of children do for reasons that often can be strongly influenced by human behavior.

Now all of a sudden the governments internationally (almost without exceptions….)  tells us what and how we are to move and breath. with fears over what seems a mild virus. 

5 Million Cases Worldwide, 650,000 Deaths Annually: The Seasonal Flu Virus is a “Serious Concern”, But the Wuhan Coronavirus Grabs the Headlines


The common flu virus will infect millions across the globe. It can be easily spread and will especially strike the young and the elderly. But this is not what has been described as the Wuhan virus. The common flu is far deadlier. This is not to downplay the Wuhan coronavirus flu, or to give it its medical name, 2019-nCoV.

The common flu causes up to 5 million cases of severe illness worldwide and kills up to 650,000 people every year, according to the World Health Organization 


So why now all of a sudden all these in restricting behavior ?

 So there are a lot of points

  1. The far most important thing is the playing with so called statistics without a scientific fundament
  2. Next is the well know issue of repetition of the same fear in words. Repeat it often and it might sound become the truth…. In imagination of many. A well know marketing principle once nicely said by Joseph Goebbels
  3. Why did not the children death rate and that of the so called 3world restrict our freedom?
  4. Why not look why the immune are immune and how to get there… 
  5. How is it possible that we let ourselves be ruled by politicians who are Not the specialist?
  6. What is living and who is owner of your life???

Now in this Dystopia obviously the earth and the way we live is owned by others then ourselves. Next to that we listen to Pascal.

As Blaise Pascal put it in his ‘Thoughts’ that were first published in 1670 (6 years after his death and he dies at 40):


Diversion.—As men are not able to fight against death, misery, ignorance, they have taken it into their heads, in order to be happy, not to think of them at all.


Still now all churches must be closed. Although we tried to ban death out of our lives in a stupid kind of ‘positive thinking’ it is full on the agenda now. Irrational  in many ways and based on nothing but still….. The cultivation of fear and therewith ruining the economics is stunning.

The fact that people hamster either guns or toilet paper

shows the shitty state humanity is in.

 One might hope and think that now death and illness are around the corner -as seemingly the black death in the Middle Ages- that we contemplate more about what life is and how special the myth that is called life is …alas that is not the case… We wait, as told inside and fear and tremble, shooting who does not act as ordered.

 The new ego has risen out of this so called disaster: the one that bans the infected or even will shoot him/her if they come to near or might be a risk factor.

 Shop employees  and simple civil servants turn themselves into Gatekeepers from hell, creating out of their own ‘creativity’ insane  restricting rules to show others how important they can act and the situation is.

 All of a sudden everybody who wants to obey the governments words (which are constantly changing) sees  him or herself as the fighter for a better life.

 What this life might be is unclear and beyond their scope.

 A killing joke. This whole circus. Let by politicians, that – when you look closely- are mostly old and far away from the everyday normal life that they would not be able to survive in everyday normal life for a week without their suggestion of being important.  The other younger part has a save job as politician. No financial bleeding there. The normal working class will suffer from this.

 There are going to be more epidemics, more outbreaks.. that is a give… there are ways to harness yourself as good as possible.


In other words:

Real life has to do with the power of insecurity.

How can you be sure enough to be insecure.

The power of insecurity now leads us to irrational and idiotic measurements. Fear is the motor and enemy that takes the energy and leads a lot of people to restrictions that will ruin the economy and social trust.

If it is a given that people could carry a virus for at least 24 days, without anybody knowing that he or she has the virus… how would isolation work?

  We will get ill and most of us will survive. 

 We are not to be critical, everything that is being said is critic… there is no open discussion

‘It is a mild disease’ (Virologin Prof. Dr. Karin Moelling) is talking. ‘The consequences that are now there… making panic, creating the economic disaster.` There are so many presuppositions that are without a reasonable fundament. What the politics decides and the measurements that people take are irresponsible and speculative. (Möllring)

 We are calculating, the death rate and all the numbers are completely out of their context. Hypothetic and just building up a little immunity. 

We want to create security so you are free and able to live the life that is yours. 

 Eat well, stick to Hygiene. Building up immunity. Sport. Be outside  in the fresh air when possible. In these times keep social distance till further notice. And wear a mask at this give moment. 

Make yourself strong, health wise. Sport, decent food.. 

There are more things we could but let us first of all listen to real specialists.

Ask ourselves why now all this when the children still suffer and numbers really do not fit in the context.


Speculation is insanity.