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A wicked world or wicked people…

We, as a human race have been bothered with the fact that we are full of Sinn. Adam and Eva take the blame for that… That if we take the Western Christian History as starting point.

My issue is:

One way or the other al throughout history there is a small group of people, even individuals, who try to tell others how to live and that the way they were living now does not match the possibilities.

Monotheism created the distance between you and the world. We might say that’s is where observation in stead of connecting started.

Of course it really started with the Greek-Christian values and the bible, The Stoa started with  Zenon von Kition but were most  celebrated through the words of Seneca and others in the mid Roman empire. It completed the rationalism based upon the fact the ‘we need to get out of something and get in control’ individualism. A constant check up with an imaginary public.

In 325 the creed of  Nicea-Constantinople gave shape to what to believe or not according to Christianity.

Over and over new orders  created throughout history, without a conscious decision of the majority but set up by a small group with a good sense of marketing and staying out of the picture themselves.

It is part of a larger process

We are in the habit of causality. Internalizing is the word people use for the starting point.

That is the place of reference in you and everything around and in you. The reference is unknow but trust me on a sub conscious level related  to imaginary values. The Greek called it Psyche. 

A Parataxic distortion (Sullivan) is the technical word for mixing up reality and phantasy, that most surely will follow.

The time that there was a reference, something or someone you could depend on is gone

Not the parents, not the teacher, not the government. At the basic end and beginning it is YOU. There are no teachings, no Guru’s no methods (van Morrison) that hold out long enough to carry the weight of your own life experience. You are the starting point who might have to notice on or 2 things about history.

Clare Graves might be a guide with Spiral Dynamics:


So lots of people get lost in the universe of mediocracy where musicians, even some scientist and other artists dragged their soul elsewhere.

How often do you hear Montesquieu, Thomas van Aquino, Plato, Kant, Hobbes, Marx, Schopenhauer, Adorno, Pascal, Adam Smith, Keynes… even Freud and so on Said… bla bla bla as a reference to a way of live. As convincer.

Now in this very moment we see the Idiotic situation that Politicians are ruling, -and internationally mostly in the same manner- are dictating our lives. 

You know…. there are lies damn lies and statistics

They are trying to convince you and me with there point of view (of you) taking away your ability to make your own decisions and presenting themselves as goodwill hunters… The Corona fools.

Not long ago a good friend of mind died.

Due to this Corona hysteria I had to stay in Germany instead of going to Leiden, where Eric was born and the last goodbye was.

As the ceremony started they played:

Fuck All the Perfect People. By  Chip Taylor


Eric always said: ‘I just plainly draw dolls’.

And we know every painting has a theme but only for the day it was made.

This small piece of paper is for the outcasts, the people who ‘just do not get the hypocrisy’, who are searching, living, feeling and often struggling but still are in many ways more human than our new born ‘leaders’ the Journalists and Politicians


The wickedness of the world lies in that some want to control others


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