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In this corona crises it seems to be the fear of getting ill, or even dying the issue that the governments are using to limit our freedom of movement and choose.

I am not the guy that says: everyone is smart enough to take their own decisions. But on the other had they were able to elect the parliament as it is.  So the government is always talking about your lack of awareness on how others could suffer and die; mean whilst you have the ability to choose them.

As if Empathy is such a big given in this world. Lots to learn there.

 Having an attitude that is a classical thing. The fact that you are a character does not mean you have character.  

If you as a parent do not have any empathy, how could anyone expect that children have it. Most clear is it when 2 grownups  both have a lack, brother and sister both their own life but not living. A screaming nightmare for the children and those who see it from. A distance. But we adapt to easy to shitty behaviour.

Whilst Empathy should be the driver of every move we make.

We know that Politicians, top athletes, career driven businesspeople who are on a certain path suffer off ‘Red Mist’ , (red mist uncontrollable rage, anger sufficient to stop clear thinking) They made ‘a choice’ and defend it without ending, look for ‘proof’. It does not look as aggression because they do not keep others away from themselves. The lower ranks do that ‘security’- ‘Police’ , normal mothers and fathers who take orders and do what has been old.

In this context it is so simple to understand that the people who do not agree are ‘Conspiracy theory people’. And the fun part is that they also suffer from red mist in a way. It is a very deep colored field, but from a distance all looks the same.

This red mist is so self-centered that empathy is out of the question.


So what has death to do with this Corona shit? I might say nothing. Politicians, like career people,  see only that the bed next to them has been changed during the night. 3000 Children a day die of Malaria. 10.000 from Hunger. We only talk about children. Not about war, drugs and other not necessary  causes of death.  People have to die.  Questions is have you lived?

How terrible is to be death?

Often, in Hospital,  I was lying next to somebody who was dying. If you’re in the hospital often enough, you see suffering, but also experience dying.  Death and the hospital are closely connected. So we often think about the process of dying separated from death, of being death itself. Let alone as being part of life.

The patient self is mostly highly sensitive and super aware of what is happening. Each and every sound, smell, touch is enlarged. But!!!! mostly in line with how somebody lived or was as a person. Not everyone becomes a Bach or Van Gogh. The subliminal habits fall directly in your face. The unconsciousness habits are on stage.

They often loose the perception of a social context. Decorum.        

In The parliament it often is not different. They are already death or more on the other side of what life can be. Dressed more or less the same, talk the same, following the procedures as monkeys in a cage. No emotions to be shown, only words. And a cultivated believe (for a lot of money) that they ‘make a difference’.

Decorum (Anstand as the Germans call it)

The process of dying. Knowing you will die, rarely changes personalities.

There are people who ask a lot of questions, but only then when they have admitted that they will die.  From experience I can say: most people die as they have lived. (when not war or Suicide)


So we notice 3 important things



Gratitude, this is the next one


What in context of dying bothers our minds? The thought and often the images of others who passed away? The painful, lonely suffering? Death itself? Focussing on the death as a self-chosen departure… what happens in that process ? What is dominant? For sure there is not much more painful as grandmothers and fathers who without any contact with their (grand)children, suffer away in loneliness and die accordingly. And if they then say: I want to die, I do not want to live like this any more… then they are the egoists?


The awareness that you will lack the ability to sense nothing no more? That you are cut off from the possibility to touch and connect, even notice your perception. Not only to your love ones but also every day people, animals, airs, clouds, words, music, smell, dreams, thoughts.

Thinking about life, in a phenomenological way, makes you feel death in every vain and well as life.

The wonders that life brings. The wonder that life is. The fact that you can experience and use your senses, create, shape, share and co create.

The human history, certainly the one where human-interacting is involved, makes every water cloudy. Opinion are the biggest


There are philosophers, scientist, farmers, artist, writers, who verbalized what the thing called life is. Real life touches your senses in such a way that you heart is happy and contemplating at the same time. It is a trill. We know the moment we need to explain the gap is to big and closed down by thinking and reading about something that is long gone, even if it was a minute ago.


Gratitude is the driver for intensifying sensory acuity. So it is the intension that.


The elevation of any thought, feeling, connection without a sense of time. In same time happening. Serendipity, an happy coincidence … more or less. Meaningful coincidence, is the lovely word that relates . All gives light where darkness was.


There so many beautiful things we could say about life, love, being able to perceive. About sensory acuity. About standing eye to eye with a snow owl in the middle of winter with fog surrounding us, so strong that the world was brought back to our thoughtless senses embracing another


Look now where we stand in 2020. What is capturing our thoughts, our thinking, our movements? Is it fear? Politicians and newspaper people are running the world? The thoughts? Conducted by businessman?  It is no plan, no big long time well thought strategy that serves. It is pragmatic ignorance and stupidity by dehumanized beings.


So we should defocus from all these ‘Red mist’ thoughts and actions of dehumanized people (as I would call politicians and security people who lost the sense of facts and really belief they are serving anybody.)

Big question is how. By Ignoring them:

Do not watch Television, do not Talk about the issue and the rules they invented. Ignore them when they talk to you. Do not buy the newspapers.


Build up decorum: feel and experience worthwhile connections with the world around you

Gratitude: Breath and stretch a few time a day and notice what your senses are sensing….

Empathy… step into the feeling of others, see the world from their point of view (not you)


At the end of the line it is all about serving. Compliant and sustainable. Be ambiguous about it but look for tangibility.


We could look at the power of insecurity. Look at basis believes that shape your perception.

I am for the future.


Decorum is awareness in connection with your surrounding

Gratitude is the ability to be grateful just by closing your eyes shortly

Empathy is shape shifting, is altered states

Serving is flexibility with the focus of sensing

If you are death, all is gone. They say knows. But it just is so clear that lots and lots are dying where we do not do a thing. And now for months and months politicians and journalists (SIC) are terrorizing us with their inability to live a decent life themselves.


  • Michael J Fox: an optimist considers mortality


  • Thomas Bernhardt: Selbstmordgedanken sind die einzige nützliche Gedanke


  • Malcolm Lowry: If death can fly just for the love of flying, what might not life do fo the love of dying


  • Rowling “To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.” 
  • Nietzsche: “The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets through many a dark night.” 


  • “They tell us that Suicide is the greatest piece of Cowardice… That Suicide is wrong; when it is quite obvious that there is nothing in this world to which every man has a more unassailable title than to his own life and person.” 
    ? Arthur Schopenhauer
  • “Killing myself was a matter of such indifference to me that I felt like waiting for a moment when it would make some difference.” 
    ? Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Dream Of A Ridiculous Man