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The simplest of all is attention. For your mind, boy , soul and spirit. Here I do not mean self-love with 10000 selfies but being you and being congruent loving.

If you need to show the world ‘how balanced and loving’ you are… we call that window-dressing and the focus is not on you nor on the other. It is just a gimmick, an attempt to be somebody in somebody else’s eyes.

Before love comes attention. Experiencing and noticing the finest of details comes first. The ability to be alike and search for ‘rapport’, sameness one might say.

With sharing love comes awareness and responsibility towards each other.

In normal situations you want to please the other and make him or her happy.

The gastronomy and entertainment industry are big in the world. They all have the ‘serving’ in common. The essence is to please an other human so that you are happy to.

There are the non-gastronomy people who do not want to make others happy but first and far most themselves.

Interesting enough is that often found amongst movie starts, models, tops porters. They come first and rarely there is attention for the other human being.

They develop an attitude having the feeling that so many people see them in a certain role, ACTING that they themselves have the notion of intelligence.

There are many professions and roles where people should, -and often are- be aware that they play a role

We live in a quick fix society where a lot of children are brought up to be an ‘actor’ play a certain role;  ‘be good at something’. They do not have the ability to make -in an altruistic way -somebody else happy and enjoying that themselves.

They run towards nothing without a clear picture.


3 things should be clear

Your balance and love

Your ability to give, share, connect, serve and love

Your clear plan what you want why with what talents and outcomes