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it remains quite

what you say is a small fraction of what you could utter

on a small scale, in our micro world of relationship and ways of life, most of us tempt to choose for silence when it comes to taking a stand

that is not much different on a macro level

it is world wide issue

the simplest of solutions is always: just say no

or in other words: “Kill the dragon when it is small”

there is of course the hit point

Can we influence? Should we? When can or must we interfere?

Can we recognize the ‘dragon’ . is the most hindsight excuse.

How often do we slip slide away in a new reality that is moving us in a direction where we did not pay attention? We wake up, much later –and when is the waking up moment? Mostly when we experience dissatisfaction- confronted with the rationalisation that suggests that we were either ‘in control’ or ‘victim and completely not in control’

On the other hand: history, our personal and human history, has shown that in order to make changes we need to adapt and adaptation comes with stretching that often causes pain.

The other thing of course is that human history takes its turn in many shapes.

Any war, macro…, or struggle in our personal life, can give rise to a new unprecedented path. It might mutate into something that is seen as worthwhile on a long term bases

We try to avoid pain or war. We ourselves.

But often refuse to act when it involves others.

It could be a child in a family. Somebody who is beaten up mentally of physically… a lot of people talk but do not take action. “Not my responsibility…! Or “What could I do…?!’ kind of escape mechanisms

When it comes to human rights in a country it seems to become even more complex. Seems, I say.

Our nations accept any behaviour when they trade with these regimes.

The excuse to do so… is often the common rationalisation that other wise the inhabitants would even suffer more…

Being silent is also interference. We are part of one world, a global world in a huge universe where we often seem to be drifting in nothingness

We often isolate the wrong people.

Good Friday, in every sense, is the day of a (or The) Prophet that could bring our awareness back to where it should be: love and paying attention where we are.

This Good Friday thing is not a few weeks old… and it a ‘religion’ thing… that has shown many difficulties. In 2000 year it did not exclude the cognitive dissonance.

Hoping does not do much on a macro scale when it comes to Korea. This issue, this dragon, has become so big… it might spit fire. 

Lessons to be learned.