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So we live in reality tunnels. There is no fixed point of arrival, except for where we are.

More over, a lot of people hold what they know for the world they live in

They perceive it as such

Could it be different?

And we know

We just cannot seem to grasp what there is more out there

Not only because of simple conditioning of habits

It is thoughtful sensory awareness, as I might call it

That allows us to touch the myth instead of just ploughing through the fields of the everyday life

Playful the field were we acknowledge that are senses our bounded by the sheer definition of what they are telling us

So brain doctors state that on a sub liminal level there is more that we perceive

Hence the awareness always arises when departure is there

Departure is all around and in us.

From lifestyles, loved ones, thoughts, perceptions, habits, … yes and feelings and ‘intuition’

Life as a journey where things come and go

We travel in the middle or at the side the myth that is way beyond what we notice in our overwhelming desire to organize and determine

The saviour of all might be


The true willingness to create, acknowledge and share beauty and elegance

For it opens awareness, your senses and puts your acts in the place where you share