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so… Sigmund Freud Says….; Einstein says…; Tesla…. On and On… there are people who quote and are ‘quoted’…

Quoting might give the impression that you know the source… even  be …..scientific…. that you might have read all the work of a certain person…

It might also free yourself of further reseach as the responsibility lies with somebody else.

Quoting might be eloquent in giving the credentials to whom they belong.

Extented Quoting is a way to divert and use somebody else to say what you would like to say…


What it is in people’s head that they feel like quoting…

That they write things down and make it as it was from a certain person.. without knowing where it is from exactly….  One might assume that the quoter has read the work of the quoted. We might assume that they know the relevant context…

If we state that “Content is context dependend’ it is essential to know the context –or focus- of the one who states… So it has to fit in a certain set-up and frame…..just for the right understanding

But hélas mostly the quoter has a meaning, a focus or goal…. Instead of talking self and direct they divert …. As cowards do…they Quote


Even more stupid it gets with:

Quote Mining */ Contextomy /Breitbarting /Quotes Falsely Attributed or Spurious Quotations all kind of variables that serve a goal of an individual but breaks with integrity.

Today I forwarded the ‘quote’ above from ‘Freud’ on facebook..I forwarded it from a Psycho-the-rapist (who says they have read Freud?). I am dead certain, as having read Freud quite thoroughly… – as weird as he perhaps was… , Freud would not say such a thing.

I was curious who would respond and how.. as it is not Freud…. 


Let us be clear: such a quote as the above is rude and far from eloquent. It is in fact empty aggression. Liking it says a lot of where you are… my suggestion would be: build connection or walk on.

If you want to say something, say it yourself and write it down in such a way that others –mostly one or 2 people- others know who you mean. It is just a suggestion.

There is the issue of what is real and what not

One might say: a new quote creates new thoughts… That is for people who rationalize the shit out of anything and meanwhilst take responsibility for nothing.

About Freud…

In itself is Freud a funny character. The ‘founder of psychoanalyses’. He is addressed as the guy who made the reference blueprint of our desires and longings. He turned our subconsciousness / our experiences (what ever that that may be) into a trashcan…. A trauma center…. (Typical 20th century)

I would like to suggest that our past is beautiful and a gold mine of resources..

He had to thank a lot of people Plato/Schopenhauer/James/Kierkegaard ect… and mostly Breuer.

He made up a lot, just to make his stories fit. 

He got famous with it… without quoting…. ! 




Quote mining (also contextomy or, when used to attack somebody, Breitbarting) is the fallacious tactic of taking quotes out of context in order to make them seemingly agree with the quote miner’s viewpoint or to make the comments of an opponent seem more extreme or hold positions they don’t in order to make their positions easier to refute or demonize.[2] It’s a way of lying. This tactic is widely used among Young Earth Creationists in an attempt to discredit evolution.

Quote mining is an informal fallacy and a fallacy of ambiguity, in that it removes context that is necessary to understand the mined quote.

[Agree, agree… knowbody knows the real source of Wiki… but you can mingle in that conversation]