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smart cooksYou know that there are answers

There always have been answers

In common they all have that they create a trance induction. Hypnoses: selecting one part and turning it into the whole.

  • Nature itself was drown upon to give birth to the myth of life
  • Nature facilitated Gods and demons
  • Civilisations created myths and sages around them
  • So ideals and values were connected to supernatural identities
  • Monotheism came with one Yahweh Elohim
  • Ok there came 3 out of them
  • The Holy Spirit connected all
  • In the Far East the light became Enlightenment
  • Souls were searching, or better… some souls

So institutionalising came

Religion with rules and boundaries

Ethics more and more ethics

  • Mathematics to structure belief in cause and effect
  • Politics as attempt to make a human system
  • Sociology and psychology in order to frame behaviour
  • Economics to make belief the illusions were what the will wanted
  • Physics in order to prove structure
  • Biology played the part of origins

Astrology had it all written in the stars

Astronomy made it huge

To big to big

So back to human nature with psychology

‘Oh’ the coach said: let us bring it all together and re-educate as tour guide for limited destinies

The music made us dance and float away

Movies facilitated dreams

TV deprived us from visions of our own

The computer opened the universe

The smartphone gave us the feeling of identity


‘What?’ the cook said: ‘are there recipes? I want to use them all and share them’

Let us cook and make the right food to serve our senses

Know where all ingredients came from

Serve it so we can share