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To pray is to take time to create a clear sensory image of your dream in the now. Meditation, praying, breathing and all more brings peace… Stretching your awareness is the starting point.

Visualization is an everyday job that requires attention and exercise.

The ability to visualize cannot be overvalued and it concerns all your senses (even those most people are not addressing yet)

It is training your brain and muscles, your senses and awareness in a very conscious way.

Free your mind and soul? Nonsense, use your senses and create awareness about what is.

Freedom is a sense for discipline. You need to organize and use your brains for a change.

If you do not control your brains and emotions they will take over.

Decide what moment you let go of control. And you will experience.

The good thing is that when you visualize the future or feel what you experiencing now you are in very positive state.

Doctrines doctrines and methods… about what you can achieve.

another on the power of imagination and visualization…

All about The future… It works that way… and where is it now? Is there no preparation for this skill?

Yes! It has to be part of your everyday awareness. Why do most people get what they wanted to have in life when they were in my seminar for 9 days?

Simple they learn to look with new eyes and senses. Train their awareness without the nessecity to label. first step!!

A small story line

As a child, -I must have been 7 years old-, I often walked in the early evenings along the houses. In Holland that was fun, peoples living room have a display window. Families sat on the couch, doing the I-am-relaxing-from-work’ thing. Students were studying; lovers were kissing, dancers were dancing. Mostly though it was sitting in front of the t.v.

It fascinated me. I could look at that for hours. There were: the serious bus driver without his uniform, playing Al Bundy, the schoolteacher, the carpenter, the cleaning woman! I made up all kind of stories about how people lived, were dreaming, talking, kissing and so on.

At school we had to show our nails and stand in line. ‘Behave yourself’, was the doctrine. ‘It is a deprived urban area where people are no much aware that they are, that had to be it’. I fooled myself.

I am a few years older now and still am interested in movements and where the attention goes from people. How aware they are about what they can be aware of. Observing and analyzing, making picture, movies, writing little poems is part of my being. Translating what was reality for me into my world, as we all do…

In the grass behind the school, I traveled at night trough the universe. Feeling me travelling with the speed of light, meanwhile feeling the grass and the soft winter breeze. trying to experience all my senses in the moment and noticing where my thoughts were going. I was 13 or so.

Back to the living rooms. I learned to look at the smallest of details of expression. I imagined what people felt and what they were thinking. Made up stories and often tested if they were right. Going back and follow the sequence of their doing and behavior.

As a child I often asked people: what are your dreams. As a child you can do such a thing without getting very complex rationalizations.

It was a dream world. School, the streets, the shops, the people, anything! My great grandmother always said: ”Close your and experience what you feel and what you dream of. To pray is to take time to have a clear sensory image of your dream”. “Otherwise it is just complaining. Ask the universe for support and tell it with what it can assist you”

It was a dream world for me, making people part of a play. They were acting without knowing their role, let alone their effect on the world.

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The day Loulou was born I was outside in the parking house right across the Kassel hospital. I could wait because it was a Caesarean section; still I sat there for hours.

Imagining all the people I really wanted to share one of their skills or gifts with her.

There was a list. I travelled through time. Made images of each individual human being that impressed me -one way or the other- over the years. Friends, family, and more or less, famous people. Vivid pictures  as actors in a play who passed by and shared exactly that given part that they were so proud of.

I elicited that element that impressed me and send it over to my little princes. Amongst that there were: The good heart from Audrey Hepburn; the wittiness of John Cleese; the warmth of my great grandmother, Marie Curie and so on.

With my darling daughter I often make tours. In the forest we counted the colours of green. Creating awareness about the trees and the colour ‘green’. A sort of phenomenology avant la lettre.

Sometimes not always… we search for 35 reasons what eating together all bring to us.

We take pictures and make books out of them. Write poems and other little stories

Often looking at what clothing and the colours do for our (and others) emotional state. Looking at the shape of the body and faces of people in connection to how they talk and approach others. Loulou noticed that people who feel well look for positive things in life and people who are unhappy often look for the negative in others. A simple truth. We cannot judge people who do not feel well, but support them to feel better.

So we play in each and every way. Making a picture about what to eat; how to present it, buying the ingredients, making it, presenting it and yes… enjoying it. Grateful.

Of course we talk with trees and animals, make up little stories about animals with human behaviour and decision-making.

We use and used our senses. Play with reality. Made our own story out of it and mean while connecting to every moment in softness. No society as framed in the context of politics and economics (that socialization is ‘well’ taken care of by the schools) but passion and attention. Whispering values.

Listening to nature in Portugal and imagining what would have inspired Mozart. That could have been the sounds of the water; of the reed; of the birds and so on.

We played a video clip 9 times: look at the dancing, clothing, listen to the music, to the texts, at the choreography, looking without the sound on. Of course listening with the eyes close. Playful, laughing and just noticing without any conclusion, just diving into what is there.

How often I did the ‘game’ of saying hello to everyone and starting a conversation, just to show how easy it is to get a warm response.

Imagination is a very firm part of my day. The most valuable moments are the moments ‘in between’ that i create or that come along every day. In slow time I breath, am totally one with my body. Take time to experience my senses, what I experience. In slow time… that means that the world around me in traveling in a different speed.

Practical: we need the experience beyond the notion of time as we know it. So stepping out of the sequence as offered in this stimulus-response reality (klik-zoom as you wish)

  • Visualisation connects you to the now. To your senses. At least that is where it starts.
  • You cannot make a dream movie without training every role and part
  • You train your awareness and look as in Vuja De (what is there more to discover, that you did not notice yet)
  • You might close eyes and feel every bit of energy in your body.
  • Direct your attention, your senses in you and what is around you
  • Realize that all is NEW and amazing. You did not know it before, the knowing limits (is basic f remote viewing and intuitive perception.. trust me.. you can connect without thinking)

There is a set of exercises of training your attention before you can make a dream picture. IT TAKES TIME. Start with noticing what is in and out there, in and outside of you. Be a moviemaker. The perfect producer.

Happiness creates success, success not always happiness.

Sensory experiences alway fulfill. Start with the very basic, touch, smell, taste, see, hear… feel and expend that.

Enough to be and much more to experience