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The moral thing is a pain in the ass and misused in many ways.

So how to preach without preaching? Stop doing it, would be my suggestion

We could read Seneca’s Letters on Ethics

And notice how long we are trapped in the real of this framework.

 It is an old Greek thing… this moral thing and thinking it over…

On the other hand Chamfort is clear:

“In ethics, as in physics, everything is a mixture, nothing is simple nothing is pure”

So it is nice to play with… at a certain level. That requires a bit depth in the discussion and taking time to get into it.

We all know that morals are being misused in many ways. It is often an empty finger-pointing mechanism to get people on your side.

I am more of an aesthetic kind of a guy, at least font of that corner of existence. The point of view or so you might hear: the point of you…

It is an approach, true true that is how it sounds. Life is not about competition and abstract morals.

It is an elegant journey driven by the willingness to serve the potential that is out there and in you.

It is about Sensitivity, Sensibility, Sensuality, and Spontaneity

Always connecting to the very moment that you are in.

So I reintroduce: Sprezzatura

And let it be clear the difference with ethics is that it takes time to make it your own…. Being is playful and serving must be as the rhythm of your heartbeat. Like music or a painting.

Hence why the entertainment industry always wins. Art is entertainment.

If the myth or story is wrapped in a nice way… you get attention.

Share beauty after you put all efforts in what you want to share.

It is not what you do but the way that you do it


and you are what you have done

what you do is who you are going to be