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This strange adventure where there are distinctions in many shapes.

Some call them humans.

Without addressing ancient vocabulary as ‘society’ , the ‘law’, ‘politics’ and other so dehumanizing words they went on a tour derived from the fact that their living space came to be limited by focussing on the ‘human potential’ and ‘interacting’.

Leaving the essence and magic of life, they manifested themselves in different roles and ID’s.

The list is much longer, as you might grasp.

The original species

Me, me, me, I, I , I am so authentic. You should be authentic… everybody is authentic

Outside their ‘Now’ there is nothing.

The obsessed once

I must, should, I am achieving, need to reach my goals

In the future – that never comes- they live

The child like species

I am innocent; everybody is innocent. I do cannot, should not, do not want to grow up

The small people who ruin the playfulness in life

The divine species

Got to work on my karma. Feel my intentions. Nirvana, nirvana ‘see me I am nothing’

Obsessed with the past, living in the dark

The analytical species

I can explain everything; until I stumble on something new… from that point on I start again.

Searching for a system in their madness

The body species

Got to be fit, work out. Got to loose weight. See my six pack

No food for thoughts. Run forest run

The dick heads

Touch me, I need to touch, I need sex. I am coming… after you

Blood can only be in one place at the time? Head or dick?

The space agents

I follow traces, signals and signs. Notice my intuition, I am holistic. I Yoga to feel…

On the road to nowhere

The entertainers

I am serving you with a smile, I am funny, let us all enjoy.. let me entertain you

Afraid of silence, they growl

The educating species

I am a learning machine, developing and growing. Changing but I will remain me

Inability to share makes you educate

The creators

I know i will make the difference; i have something to share and I will shape the world

Finished before they know it.

The satisfied species

I am who I am and I am staying who I am I have got the right to be who I am

Do not know how to move


Please forgive me for the short and brief outline. I have now 243 types and the number is growing. Hence the playground looks to diminish and it is about time to leave this movie scene.. or shall we add some more



  • ID
  • Few characteristics
  • Counterpart


This ID thing is really limiting …. Or?