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Know yourself was the dixit!

The OLD Greek reality, Plato and such.

Consciousness, the rational approach to life came into play in the Western world

Archetypes were invented. A sort of modern marketing to label. Funny but insane.

Obviously trying to get a grip on things that are mortal whilst leaving ethereal energy and passing by.

The last thing also very much Plato and such, diving in ethics and polarity.

Come on life is more than that.

You could say, in easy approach to what is:

Transform attention into behaviour

Understand : Thinking and intellect

Feel                  : Experience and Learning

Do                    : Your Behaviour and Actions

Using multimedia such as films, music and pictures, books, readings and doing exercises. Anything possible.

CONNECT, mean whilst:

Deconditioning      : getting better in doing your best habits

Dehypnotizing       : Recognize in which trance (fundamental conviction) you live and if it makes profit

Designing                : designing a life what brings fulfilment, meaning, happiness and movement

This is and was the approach I have and had in coaching and partly my seminars.


And yes very much focused on you your self. As a start.

Jamming the internal dialogue and the auditory of the imaginary public (external dialogue).

Small people talk about people‘, says Eleanor Roosevelt, so you can delete those as serious part of reality.

The start only works if you have a desire. The focus to serve your own talents and the people around you.

That you do by creating. Music, a smile, poetry, a recipe, a design. Nick does is by living an inspiring life,

So use all your senses to design. So not ‘know yourself’ as end result but as a starting point.

We will talk about visualisation soon. And

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