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Perfect beauty

There is nothing as sacred as the opportunity to live your own life.

Lots of people hold that for themselves.

We tempt to follow footsteps of the everyday rhythm… that is more or less put upon us by the so-called society life.

Jam-packed with searching for the recognition that keeps us in our routines. In how people act, what they expect, what is there to expect.

We need routine and security. There are obvious truths. Water boils at 100 %, egg gets firm at 60%. The sun comes up. Parents love their children. We try to be meaningful in life. We like get the most out of life in best possible and warm way.

Still life is more… it is an experience and a myth, way beyond the everyday routine.

You can acknowledge the poetry and soft side of life.

Best way to do that is to translate your feelings and observations into something that you can look back upon.

Create gifted moments that you can share… They come to their completion just by having your full attention where you are

As an example I share one video. It is a simple thing

2 dogs, Buddy and Charlie and my lovely daughter Loulou.

The colours, the field, the way the dogs walk –each on one side guiding and guarding her

It is a moment in time. Nothing more nothing less, one might say. Still there is so much warmth and synchronicity in it.

Every time I see it, there is delight.

Life is simple in that respect

Shine the light and be in delight.

Take the camera of your phone. Share

Magic happens when you are in open space and lift yourself off from the ‘table’

and i know i posted this film before. Both of them.