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Lucebert: All things of value are defenseless


Gandhi: Life is a mystery that we have to live and not a problem we have to solve

This might be.

What are words? What are deeds?

This week:

CEO of Malaysian air: “We are not to blame, we were not the only company flying above that airspace”

My suggestion is to the guy: “Go make an evening stroll in East Los Angeles at midnight with a camera around your neck”

 Igor Girkin said the bodies had been dead for days and reeked of decomposition. And: We warned you – do not fly in “our sky”.’ 

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Is this the media at work? What is the higher goal and purpose here? Not only from Girkin but also the media.

This week I heard on the radio: “Israel attacks Gaza successful”

 The toll 336 death! What is called successful?

 In the mean time the prime minister of Holland, Rutte says: “We do not accept that we cannot approach the zone where the tragedy happened”.

 With ‘clear and firm words….’ But was not the plane shot out of the air?

 We have had now 150 years (more but we take ‘modern science’) of more or less decent studies on human behavior.

There is Sociology, psychology, physics, economics, management and on and on. Enough knowledge to be used in proper way, one might hope.

 …Men in blue and black suits talk and talk. As they have been doing for years. Trading goes on, as economy rules the world?

 This is reality? A media reality! Cultivating elements and opinions instead of taking time to solve and not involve!

 The carpe diem and momento mori are the traditional words that echo. Pastors are coaches now and explain how to ‘deal’ with tragedy.

 Live itself is a mystery. Death and any other kind of sudden departure stipulates that in each and every way. It is the insanity of a few, repeating stupid incantations supported by a useless peer group.

 Is there not a problem to be solved? Not life? No behaviour that is the issue. The focus that some have.

 When does the insanity of nationalism and borders stop? 

 Retaliation is never the right step. Any crime, any war is at the beginning and the very end: everything you cannot understand.

 What we humans are doing on this planet and in this thing we call life… that is a mystery.

 Clear is that we need warmth, recognition and love.

We need to cooperate and live together. Realise the fragility of life. Make everything smaller and much more personal.

 Not so much in creating societies but more in paying attention in how to serve the earth and each other.

Is it as Thomas Bernhard  said: — ‘Ausgerechnet der Mensch ist unmenschlich.’??

We are humans fragile. Learn to deal with disagreements in a sophisticated way.