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The art and science of Seduction

Starlings gather, play, dance and mount up for their journey. What the starlings show is one of the most beautiful sights in nature. Stop for a moment, stand still and gaze to the breathtaking performance where harmony has many shapes.

So a smart and lovely song by the Choir of Young Believers, Hollow talk, was guided on video by the Starlings dance.

Sensory awareness is the charm of life.

Just for the fun of it:

? Listen to the song, whilst looking at the Starlings video

? Now listen again whilst reading the text:

? Again, now you know the text, listen and look at the first. Perhaps just close your eyes and drift away feeling the movements of the birds …. or piano. Perhaps you might sing along.

Notice the difference. There are many more ways to listen, feel, hear and adapt. Each and everyone changes the content, the experience, the thoughts, the feeling.

To make things somewhat complete, here the more ‘objective’ nature based report. Notice the music they also use.

It is almost thanksgiving.

Birds move, Musicians make lovely lyrics, observers in nature film the birds. The birds gather and fly thousands of miles, every year back and forth…

Life is a journey