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Yo mismo. – “I myself”

‘The thing is’, I started to write:
‘Everything start’s with your intention. The moment you think… you delay. That is an action within itself’. A moment later I watched this lovely and warm ted talk by Conor Neill. Made it simple.

Warren buffet asked:

Which criteria would you- and are you using?
What are you looking for? What criteria are in your mind and are you using already? The great students in school? The once with the most friends?

Warren Buffet had 3 criteria:
Without number 1 you would be a danger to society and yourself.

1. Integrity: say no to most things. What your calender says you do and you really things. Be a laser beam, true to your own values

2. Energy: health and bios to action, vitality

3. Intelligence: not business school intelligence… but adaptive intelligence… see the pattern and change course

The marshmallow test with children. It determines the quality of your life. 50 % who do not eat it have a qualitative better life.

How much power do you have over yourself, your choices, your will power.
Do they seem like the good criteria in choosing?

Who is the person that you do not have to pay 10% ?

Maximize the 3 criteria. Tools:

• Integrity: love is time. Coherence between dairy and your values is where integrity begins. There are millions marshmallows, decisions never 1 only. Time: Failure is repeated bad decisions. Success is repeated consistence good habits. We underestimate what we can achieve in a year; overestimate what we can achieve in a day. Enjoy your senses

• Energy: Never think more then 15 minutes ahead. Athlete approach. Ask 1 more question at the time. Long term thinking, short term doing. 1 marshmallow at the time

• Intelligence: write stuff down. Accumulate. Always write everything down. Start writing down your life. Document it. Describe the marshmallow

Get your life in 100% in the present.
When you have a marshmallow do not stare at it!
Small changes make you world.

Bet on your own life. Live your life fully
Yo Mismo

Align your dairy!